Police charge man was running drug biz out of rental unit on Province Street

LACONIA — A man who was allegedly operating a drug sales business from one of the commercial rental spaces at 505 Province St. was ordered held on $200,000 cash-only bail after an investigation by the N.H. Drug Task Force and his video appearance in circuit court yesterday.
Tobey L. Comeau, 37, whose address is listed on one complaints as 10 Perley St. Apt. A in Concord, is charged by the N.H. Drug Task Force with multiple drug offenses including four counts of sales of methamphetamine.
Comeau is also charged by Laconia Police with two counts of possession of narcotics with intent to sell — anabolic steroids and methamphetamine — and one count of possession of methamphetamine.
Affidavit for cash bail submitted for only the Laconia charges and obtained from the 4th Circuit Court, Laconia Division say Laconia Police applied for search warrant May 22 and searched his storage unit and cars that were located at 505 Province St.
Comeau was arrested by Concord Police with the assistance of the NHDTF and cash bail affidavits said police found $2,500 in cash on him. In their search of the vehicle police found six bags of methamphetamine, steroids, unidentified pills, a digital scale, radio equipment, GPS Tracking equipment and a handgun.
Affidavits for the search warrant were sealed at the request of Laconia Prosecutor Jim Sawyer over the arguments by Public Defender Patrice Casian, who said Comeau is facing four charges for which her client has no information. She requested Sawyer either produce the search warrant affidavits or dismiss the four DTF charges because Comeau has been denied his basic civil rights.
Judge Jim Carroll said she could file a motion to unseal them.
When he was told Laconia Police were going to be searching his storage unit on Province Street, he said there was a handgun near a printer and a shotgun. He said he wasn't sure if there were any drugs on the premises.
During the Laconia Police search on Province Street that included two cars registered to Comeau, police said they found a scale with residue and some unidentified pills in a hidden compartment in the vehicle's rear door.
Police found counter surveillance equipment that is allegedly used to detect police equipment and a GPS tracker during the search of Comeau's second vehicle.
In his shop, the cash bail affidavit said police found a bag of methamphetamine within reach of the two guns, a drug ledger, and injectable steroids. They found several cameras facing inside and outside the shop as well as a substance that police said could be used as a dilution agent for drugs.
Police found trace evidence of methamphetamine but have not competed processing all of the evidence.
They requested Comeau be held on $200,000 cash only bail because he represents a flight risk and is a danger to society.