Kaleb Bruce is winner from record number of nominees for Belmont Good Citizen Award

BELMONT — The theme for this year's Belmont Old Home Day is Belmont Pride and there was plenty of that on display Tuesday night as the Old Home Day Committee held its annual Good Citizen Award program at the Corner Meetinghouse.
Jacqui McGettigan, organizer of the event, said that she was thrilled by the response to the program, which saw 15 seniors nominated for the annual award.
''It's the largest group ever nominated and I'm very proud of those students and their parents,'' said McGettigan, who turned the proceedings over to Courtney Clary, 2011 winner and now a student at Vanderbilt University.
Clary outlined the criteria by which the winner is selected, including respect for others and the views of others, as well as pride and involvement in their community, and the nine students who chose to participate in the event gave speeches and then offered their insights to an impromptu question followup.
When the speeches were over, judges David Morse, Diane Clary and Tonyel Mitchell-Berry tallied up their scores and Kaleb Bruce was selected as the winner of a $400 scholarship.
Bruce, who said after the event that thrilled to have won, will attend Merrimack College this fall where he will major in chemistry and secondary education.
His speech highlighted the benefits of the feeling of being a part of a small, close-knit community where he is easily recognized when he walks into Brookside Pizza and where he is asked if he wants ''the usual'' when he shows up at Dunkin Donuts.
He answered a follow up question on whom he views as a hero by saying that it was his father, who works hard to provide for his family and still manages to show up at events that he is involved in.
Runner-up was Elizabeth Yelle, who said that Belmont was ''a town to live in and always come back to,'' She won a $250 scholarship.
Tied for third and winners of $150 scholarships were Austin Wilder and Steven Farkas while Kurt Oberhausen was fourth and won a $100 scholarship.
Other nominees were Nikki Miller, Adam Prout, Brielle Moore, Adam Horan, Nicole Derosia, Sinjen Flanders, Devon Kenney, Nikkilynn Mercier, Micah Remenar and Rachel McMenaman.

Kaleb Brace was the winner of the Belmont Old Home Day Committee's Good Citizen Award. (Roger Amsden/for The Laconia Daily Sun)

Kaleb Brace, left, was the winner of the Belmont Old Home Day Committee's Good Citizen Award.
With him are Elizabeth Yelle, second place winner; Austin Wilder and Steven Farkas, who tied for third, and Kurt Oberhausen, who placed fourth. (Roger Amsden photo for the Laconia Daily Sun)

Belmont Old Home Day Committee's Good Citizen Award nominees included, first row, Brielle Moore, Nikki Miller, Elizabeth Yelle, Steven Farkas; second row, Austin Wilder, Adam Horan, Devon Kenney, Kaleb Brace and Kurt Oberhausen. (Roger Amsden/for The Laconia Daily Sun)