$16k upgrade to geothermal system at library completed

GILFORD — Director Katherine Dormody last night told the selectmen in her regular update that the Public Library spent about $7,000 to replace the fire alarm panel after it broke recently.
Minutes of the February Library Trustee meeting indicated the alarm was repeatedly sounding for no apparent reason and she was told by a repair company that the entire panel needed replacing.
Dormody also told selectmen the upgrade to the geothermal system has largely been completed. The upgrade cost about $16,000 according to trustee minutes of January 2013.
She also told selectmen that the new filters installed in the machine room are much larger than the old ones but only need replacing every couple of weeks rather that the daily replacement that was required under the old system.
Draft minutes of the April meeting indicate the library replaced some of the water valves in the geothermal system that were malfunctioning because of the "stuff in the water."
Minutes indicate one of the water valves became stuck in the on position and the ensuing flood seeped into the Children's Room and caused about $1,000 in damage.
When asked about the efficiency of the geothermal system by selectmen, Dormody said the trustees compared their energy usage to Moultonborough's library that is also a reasonably new building but with conventional heating.
She said both libraries budget $20,000 for heat-related expenses but the Gilford Library is at least one-third larger than Moultonborough's and the costs are about the same.
Dormody's programming notes including an update about the very good attendance at the conversational French and German classes, the line dancing done in the community center that is taught by a volunteer and an increase in the number of people who actually enter the library. She noted circulation — or the number of items that leave the building — was down in January and February of this year but increased significantly in April.
She said the summer reading program begins in the third week of June.
In other Selectboard business, the board tabled any discussion or action on the proposed increase in tipping fees for municipal solid waste disposal.
Selectmen also tabled action on paying the Lakes Region Public Access Television bill because Town Administrator Scott Dunn said he would like to speak with Belmont's town administrator to better understand why the Belmont selectmen chose not to pay theirs in a timely manner.
He also said he has made some phone calls to the chair of the Lakes Region Public Access board and will report back to selectmen in two weeks.