Wyatt Park improvement work underway

LACONIA — As National Kids to Parks Day on Saturday, May 18 approaches, improvements to Wyatt Park are underway as part of the Wyatt Park-South End Community Revitalization Project.
The project, supported by Lakes Region HEAL and the City of Laconia, includes extensive pans to renovate the park and immediate surroundings. The renovation plans were developed in response to feedback from residents and business owners in the Wyatt Park-South End community. Safety and access to the park were some of the top concerns voiced by the community during several forums conducted by Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) N.H. over the past nine months.
Funding provided by HEAL N.H. and the City of Laconia will allow for the following improvements to Wyatt Park: water bubbler/bottle filling station will be installed in the park; high visibility signs and other pedestrian safety features will be added; new fencing; lighting and new crosswalks for safety; and the basketball court will be resurfaced.
"With National Kids to Parks Day coming up, we thought it would be a great opportunity to let the community know about the improvements being made to the park," said Amy Lovisek from Laconia's Parks and Recreation Department. "While it will take a few months to complete all the projects, in the end, it will be safer and easier to get to the park, and it will be a beautiful, safe place to exercise or just to gather with family and friends."
The Wyatt Park-South End Community Revitalization Project in Laconia as developed as a result of a two-year HEAL N.H. grant awarded to the City of Laconia in collaboration with Lakes Region HEAL. The grant was awarded in early 2012 to help Laconia identify and implement municipal strategies to provide more choices for residents to eat healthy and be physically active in the Wyatt Park-South End Community.
More information about the Wyatt Park-South End Community Revitalization can be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/WyattParkSouthEndCommunityRevitalizationProject or at http://www.city.laconia.nh.us/index.php/departments/parks-inside.