The rest of the story: family says convenience store fight resulted from man chasing down acquaintance who attempted burglary

LACONIA — One of the two men arrested in a fight at the Cumberland Farms convenience store on Court Street Tuesday night has been charged by Laconia Police for burglarizing the second man's home.
Sgt. Dennis Ashley said yesterday that Matthew Wade Andrews, 25, of 9 Sargent Place #66 in Gilford was charged by police yesterday and released on personal recognizance bail.
He said when police initially responded to Cumberland Farms they expected to deal with a fight between two men inside the store. After getting statements from both parties, police learned that Andrews had allegedly entered Michael Gallos's home without permission.
Gallos's 15-year-old niece was home alone and she allegedly saw Andrews poking around in her family's kitchen after hearing a noise. He said the girl was able to pick Andrews from a photo lineup.
One of Gallos's relatives said yesterday that Gallos and the rest of his family, except his niece, were away from the home at the time.
The relative said Andrews and Gallos know each other, describing Andrews as a "friend of a friend."
The relative said her niece had left the door open so her younger brother could get in when he came home from playing outside so when she heard what she said sounded like someone slamming kitchen cabinet doors she came into the kitchen expecting to find her kid brother and yell at him. Instead, she allegedly found Andrews on top of the counter looking through the family's stuff and reaching up into the drop ceiling tiles.
"Hey, who are you," the relative said the girl asked of Andrews who allegedly told her he was a friend of "Mike's" and was told to come to the house to get him something. Andrews allegedly then ran away.
His niece told Gallos about Andrews and Gallos chased him to Cumberland Farms where the two fought.
Gallos allegedly threw Andrews into one of the displays and caused some damage said Ashley.
"(Gallos) is really upset," said the relative who said police did charge him with four misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct, simple assault, criminal threatening and criminal mischief.
"I am fairly confident the police will sort this out," said the relative who noted the girl is fine and was initially very excited to go to the police station to participate in what she thought would be a "CSI — television-type line-up."
"Yeah," said Ashley. "Real life isn't anywhere near as exciting as they make it on television."
He added that picking someone out from a photo array is actually more difficult than a physical police line-up because all of the people in the photos look very similar.
"She did a great job," Ashley said.