Woman says she didn't know neighbor was going to shoot bear in chicken coop

GILFORD — The woman who lives in the Stark Street house that had an unwelcome visit from a black bear over the weekend said the animal was actually inside one of the chicken coops on her family's property.
Brooke Guay said she was home alone with three of the family dogs when she saw the bear inside the coop.
"It totally destroyed one of the coops," she said. "The chickens flew away and were all over."
Guay, who noted the home is owned by her grandmother and the chickens belong to one of her aunts, said one of the dogs was tied outside. When she went out to get her she was growling and pulling at her leash to get closer to the bear.
"I was so afraid she would break her leash," Guay said.
She said the bear didn't appear to be a cub and, in her opinion, was pretty big.
She said all she could think of was getting the dog in the house and once she did she ran to the neighbor's house across the street and called the police. She said she has the police number in her cell phone directory and didn't call 9-1-1. She said initially whoever answered the phone told her she lived in New Hampshire and there wasn't much police could do.
Guay said she had no idea one of her other neighbors was going to come and shoot the bear. "I didn't want the bear to die," she said. "I just wanted him to go away."
She said she heard a "couple of shots." She said the bear, now wounded, "bull-dozed through the side of the coop." Shortly after that she said two police officers came who were very angry to learn someone had shot at the bear.
"They freaked out and started yelling at me," she said.
"If I had known someone was going to shoot the bear I would have told the police (that someone was going to shoot it)," she said.
She said she was initially very angry the police yelled at her but said she has since spoken to an officer of the Department of Fish and Game who she said came to look at her pictures and interview her yesterday. She said he told her he understood she didn't shoot the bear had had no idea her neighbor was coming to her house with a gun when she initially called the Gilford Police.
Police tracked the wounded bear into the woods and killed it.
Guay said this is the first time she has seen a bear in her back yard. She said she has seen fox and deer.