SB-2 again goes down to defeat in Sanbornton; Nickerson wins

SANBORNTON — After what Selectman Guy Giunta termed a "spirited campaign", SB-2, or the Official Ballot Act failed to gain voter approval for the 12th time in the 15 years since the enacting law was passed.
Unlike last year when the measure garnered 53 percent of the 60 percent it needed to pass, this year the SB-2 vote failed to earn a simple majority, failing by a vote of 352 against and 335 in favor.
"Yes," said longtime SB-2 opponent Tom Salatiello as Dick Gardner read the results aloud.
In a race that was nearly as close, two-term incumbent Selectman David Nickerson edged Town Moderator and former Selectman Patsy Wells by a vote of 348 to 316 in his quest for a third term.
Nickerson said his goals is to see the "Y" or Lower Bay Road construction project to its final completion. He also wants to continue to keep the town's taxes as low as possible while continuing to provide high quality and efficient municipal services.
He also said last night the Winnisquam Fire Station was of interest to him and he is anticipating the upcoming meeting between the Sanbornton, Belmont, Tilton and Northfield Boards of Selectmen, who will be joined by the Tilton-Northfield Fire District Commissioners in Sanbornton on May 29.
"I look forward to hearing what the Belmont Selectmen think," he said.
In the only other contested race, David Adams and Linda Vanvalkenburgh were elected to three-year terms for Library Trustee. Vanvalkenburgh got 366 votes, Adams got 311 and Bill Whalen finished with 272 votes.
Voter turnout represented about 30 percent of the registered electorate.
Annual Town Meeting convenes tonight at 7 p.m. at the Sanbornton Central School.