Belknap Convention will take up request for $200k to expand Medicare rehab capability at nursing home on May 21

LACONIA — The Belknap County Convention has scheduled a public hearing at the county complex on Tuesday, May 21 at 6 p.m. to consider the request by the Belknap County Commission for a supplemental appropriation of $200,000 to expand the capacity of the nursing home to offer rehabilitative services paid for by Medicare.
Earlier this month Rep. Colette Worsman (R-Meredith), the chair of the convention abruptly cancelled a public hearing to address the request, saying that the county administration failed to provide sufficient information in time for members to make a responsible decision.
Worsman said yesterday that while she still had some questions to answer she was satisfied the convention would have enough information to proceed and fully expected that it would reach a decision after the public hearing.
Matt Logue, director of the nursing home, has suggested that by accepting a limited number of patients enrolled in Medicare and referred by hospitals for short stays to undergo physical, occupational and speech therapy, the nursing home would generate $400,000 in additional revenue, enough to cover the cost of expanding the services and return and return a net gain of $200,000.