Shaker board begins to move on directive from voters to name soccer field for Cozort

BELMONT — The Shaker Regional School Board this week took the first, tentative steps towards designating a playing field at Belmont High School "Cozort Field" in honor of Mike Cozort, the former superintendent of SAU 80, who resigned after a decade at the helm and currently serves as superintendent of schools on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts.
At the annual school district meeting in March, Tom Goulette read a petition resolving that the field be named in Cozort's honor, which noted that he began in career with the district in 1990 as principal of Belmont Elementary School and was a steadfast supporter of the soccer program at Belmont High School.
Goulette offered a motion to name the upper soccer field "Cozort Field" and appoint a committee to design and place a sign to that effect without drawing on public funds. The motion carried by a voice vote.
Heidi Hiutchinson of Canterbury, who chairs the board, asked on Thursday if the district had adopted a policy bearing on naming property and whether the board was bound to implement the motion voted by the district meeting. Superintendent Maria Dreyer replied that the district had no relevant policy and suggested that without a policy it would be difficult for the board not to comply with the will of the district.
"I don't know how much standing we'd have with the public if we didn't act on something they voted at the district meeting," said Robert Reed.
Asked if he would represent the board on the committee, Sean Embree said that "I'm not interested in being on the committee if we're going to discuss do we have to this or not."
Hutchinson clarified that she understood the vote to charge the committee with arranging for a sign and raising the funds to erect it. With that Embree agreed to serve along with Reed as the board's representatives on the committee. Dan Clary, principal of of the high school, was named to the committee by the motion, and it remains to the moderator to appoint the four public members.