Belmont selectmen will likley attend 'meet & greet' hosted by Sanbornton

BELMONT — The chair of the Belmont Board of Selectmen expressed an interest in meeting with the Sanbornton Board of Selectmen on May 29 to discuss issues of relevance to both of them.
Also invited to the "meet-and-greet" are representatives of the Tilton-Northfield Fire District and the Tilton Board of Selectmen.
"The hope is to find mutual areas of concern and cooperation between the neighboring communities, wrote Sanbornton Town Administrator Bob Veloski to the administrators of the communities involved.
Selectman Dave Nickerson said it was the desire of the Sanbornton selectmen to host a "meet and greet" so members of the individual boards could get to know each other better. As for Belmont, he said there is apparently some "bad blood" regarding the former Winnisquam Fire Station and the possibility of some miscommunication between the two boards.
At Belmont's meeting last night, Selectmen Chairman Ron Cormier and Selectman Jon Pike both said they were curious to hear about the "many areas of mutual concern."
Belmont selectmen have said repeatedly they are done talking about the former Winnisquam Fire Station, which is now partly used for storage and partly used for the town's Department of Recreation.
The topic was rekindled during Belmont's budget process when the Fire Department asked for a replacement platform fire boat and selectmen sent letters of inquiry to agencies with shore front on Lake Winnisquam — including Laconia and Meredith as well as Sanbornton and the Tilton-Northfield Fire District — only to learn there was little to no interest from them for financially supporting the boat purchase.
The Belmont Budget Committee eliminated the replacement boat from the 2013 budget, and Cormier said last night that any boat discussion was moot.
Since the Winnisquam Station closed, many residents from the Winnisquam area of Sanbornton and the Lochmere section of Tilton have maintained an interest in some kind of regional safety effort in that area.
The meeting is not just about the former Winnisquam Fire Station. Nickerson said there are a number of areas of mutual interest, giving the new grader in Sanbornton as as example of items in the Sanbornton Highway Department that could be of interest to one of the other town's public works department.
"The idea is to bring people into the same room and work of common goals," he said.
The "meet and greet" is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. May 29 in the Selectmen's Meeting Room in Sanbornton at the Town Offices.