City Council Incumbents Eye Running for Reelection

LACONIA — Although Mayor Mike Seymour remains undecided, all six incumbent city councilors said yesterday that they intended to stand for election again in November.
Seymour, who has served two terms as mayor, said that he was still weighing his decision whether to seek re-election. "I don't feel that during last six months or so I have done the best job I can do," he confessed, explaining that the demands of his position as senior vice-president of marketing and retail services at Franklin Savings Bank have consumed a growing share of his time and energy. In making his decision, he said that he would ask himself "can I do the job appropriately?"
Having cast the deciding vote to introduce mandatory recycling for a trial period of six months beginning on July 1, he acknowledged that should he choose to step down the restructuring of the curbside collection of trash and recyclables would be left to his successor. "I do understand that," he said, but added "there are decisions that the council makes every day that carry on after terms expire. There could always be something hanging out there."
If re-elected five of the six councilors — Matt Lahey (Ward 2), Henry Lipman (Ward 3), Brenda Baer (Ward 4), Bob Hamel (Ward 5) and Armand Bolduc (Ward 6) — would serve their fifth terms together. The sixth, Ava Doyle (Ward 1) was appointed to complete the unexpired term of Greg Knytych, then elected in her own right in 2012.
"As its stands now, I plan on running again," said Doyle, a native Texan who with her husband David has owned and managed Sun Valley Cottages at The Weirs since 1993 and is a founding member of the Weirs Action Committee.
Something of a fixture in city government since 1991, Lahey, a local attorney, has been returned as either mayor or councilor at ten of the twelve elections since, serving five terms in each office. After leading the effort to acquire the former Laconia State School property, he said that he would like to see that initiative through to its conclusion.
Lipman, Baer and Hamel joined the council in 2005. Lipman, senior vice-president of LRGHealthcare, chairs the Finance Committee and is expected to run and contribute to steering the city through fiscally trying times.
"I plan on running," Baer remarked, "as long as I have that fire in the belly. You have to have one anti person." At 87 with an artificial knee, she said "the legs don't bother me if the brain is working." Baer sees herself as a representative of senior citizens as well as those of modest means, who she believes deserve a strong voice on the council.
A city councilor for three decades, Bolduc said he was ready to begin another "unless the people of Ward 6 tell me it's time for you to go. I enjoy doing it," he continued, I really do and I'm not a quitter. If they want me there, I'll be there." He said that he would like to see this set of councilors "finish everything we started," particularly the renovation and expansion of the high school and the acquisition of the state school property.
The filing period for candidates for city council opens on Wednesday, June 5 and closes on Friday, June 14. City Clerk Mary Reynolds reminded all residents and candidates that no changes can be made to their voter status during the filing period.