Wayward parakeet finds haven at car dealership

TILTON — An adventurous, headstrong parakeet owes its life to Kamal Gosine of AutoServ, who as a native of Trinidad and Tobago — "the Land of the Hummingbird" — is likely among the few car salesmen in the state with an intimate knowledge and genuine affection for these birds.
Gosine said it is not uncommon for birds to fly into glassed facade of the showroom, which he paints in hopes of deterring them, but most are not as fortunate as the parakeet that struck near his desk last week. "I have a tropical plant at my desk and he was trying to land on a branch," Gosine said. "I saw him hit the window and fall into the shrubbery. If he hadn't been trying to land, he would have broken his neck.'' He said that had the bird been left outside he would have fallen prey to a hawk or the cold of the night by morning.
"When I went outside," Gosine continued, "he was trying to climb onto the bush and he walked right on to my hand. As soon as I brought him inside he started puking, just water, and afterwards I fed him water from the tip of my finger and bread.'' He said one of the other employees brought a crate and they rigged it up as a cage and covered it overnight.
"Then we went shopping for bird seed," said Gosine, explaining the bird quickly became an attraction in the showroom, especially for children. "Everyone said hello to the bird." Gosine noticed that the parakeet responded with particular enthusiasm to children. "He talks up a storm and chirps a lot more when kids are around." He also suspected he was one of a pair and is missing his mate.
"You could tell he was a pet," Gosine said. "I'm sure someone is heartbroken."
Consequently, another employee, Brian Odum, whose family has animals, including chickens, around their home, took the bird home to care for it until its owner could be found.
Anyone with a lost parakeet or seeking more information should contact the AutoServ dealership near Exit 20 on I-93 in Tilton at 1-888-711-1427 or 286-3141.

AutoServ in Tilton is looking for the owner of a parakeet which flew into a window at the dealership last week. (Courtesy photo)