dryer fire empties apartment block on Blueberry lane

LACONIA – A dryer fire in an apartment on Blueberry Lane yesterday afternoon sent two families into the street and brought firefighters from Laconia and Gilford to extinguish it.
Deputy Fire Chief Deb Pendergast said the fire appeared to be confined to the basement of an end unit in Building 6 of the Wingate Apartments.
She said there was some extension into the wall and firefighters were working yesterday afternoon to ensure the fire was completely out. She said firefighters were also ventilating the effected apartment and the one next to it.
No one was injured.
One woman who gave her name as Tina lives in a nearby apartment and evacuated with her young son Caleb when the alarms began ringing.
"It's good to know all these people are here to help us out," she said pointing to all the firefighters and emergency trucks that responded from Laconia and Gilford. She said she knows the alarms sound frequently in the congested housing complex but said she always leaves her building right away because "you never know when it's going to be a real fire."
The fire went to one alarm but Pendergast said that was primarily for station coverage in Laconia and Gilford.

CAPTION:(DRYER Fire Wingate Village 001) A Laconia firefighter emerges through the bulkhead of the end unit of Building 6 in Wingate Village on Blueberry Lane yesterday afternoon after extinguishing a dryer fire.