Gray is not longer in fashion in Belmont

BELMONT — As part of the "Ditch the Gray" campaign by the town Police Department, newer cruisers are being painted in the former "black and white" mode as opposed to the "gunmetal gray" of the older cruisers.
Lt. Rich Mann said the black and white color scheme is more traditional for police work. He also said it makes the cruisers more visible in traffic.
Mann said the public response so far has been "very positive. People honk and tell us how much they like them," he said.
In September of 2012, Belmont got four new cruisers and each one is a new Ford Interceptor, as the Crown Victoria, for years the standard for police cruisers nationwide, is no longer being made by Ford Motor Company.
Mann said the decision was made then to go back to black and white cruisers.
He said the department is expecting three more replacement cruisers in 2014 and all three will be painted black and white.
He said the department has a total of seven cruisers that are painted and lettered and, to the best of his knowledge, the steel gray cruisers will be taken out of police service when the replacements arrive, making all of the Belmont marked cars uniform.
Donations are also being accepted for new uniform pants for police officers that will return officers to their traditional all dark blue attire. Selectmen, working with Police Chief Mark Lewandoski agreed to the uniform change but only if the funds were raised through donations.
Donations can be made to the Town of Belmont, "Ditch the Gray Campaign" at P.O Box 310, Belmont, N.H. 03220.

CUTLINE - Belmont Lt. Rich Mann stand between two police cruisers — the one on the left is the "battleship gray" color scheme that is being phased out over time with more traditional "black and white" paint schemes on the right. At this time, Belmont Police have four black and white cruisers and three gray ones. (Laconia Daily Sun photo/Gail Ober)