2 immigrant workers detained in Belmont after police say them offered false IDs; ICE picks them up

BELMONT — Two men wanted by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were detained by police last week.
Lieutenant Richard Mann said that a patrol officer spotted the pair, along with a van with out-of-state plates that they were using, at an abandoned residence on Bean Hill Road. When questioned both men, Rudy Barillas Franco and Manuel Lopez, said they were residents of Rhode Island employed by company headquartered there to remove debris from in and around the home.
However, the men provided false identification to the officer, who learned that ICE had issued a detention order for both of them. Mann explained that while local police cannot and do not enforce federal immigration laws, if there is cause — in this case the presentation of false identification — they are authorized to act on behalf fog ICE by detaining individuals subject to detention orders.
Mann said that within an hour-and-a-half of being detained ICE agents took custody of the men. The van was secured until an employee of the cleaning company could collect it.