Young Road fire said not a suspicious one

BELMONT — The investigation of what caused a three-alarm fire on Young Road Wednesday evening has been completed and it has been determined that the fire was not of suspicious origin.
Lt. Greg Bavis of the Belmont Fire Department said that the exact cause has been determined but that information can only be released by Fire Chief David Parenti, who was not available late yesterday afternoon.
Originally believed to have been in Gilford, the fire badly damaged the second and third floors of a large 4-unit apartment structure built atop a large 20-foot high garage which was used as a workshop area.
Gilford Fire Chief Stephen Carrier, who directed firefighting operations, issued a statement late Wednesday night after the fire was brought under control saying that after it was determined that the building was located just over the town line in Belmont, control of the scene was turned over to the Belmont Fire Department.
Carrier said that responding companies had been advised that an occupant of the building was trapped on the second floor.
Before they arrived another phone call indicated that the occupant had been able to jump from the second floor.
''Obviously the occupant who jumped was extremely lucky to get out of the building. His only exit to the ground was completely engulfed in flames. He jumped from the deck onto a dump truck parked below to escape the flames and smoke,'' said Carrier.
No other occupants of the building, which is owned by James Cookman, Jr., were home at the time the fire broke out.
Firefighters from eight communities were at the scene of the fire, which was first reported at 6:30 p.m. and brought under control at 8:18 p.m.
Carrier said that all the crews worked extremely well. ''This was a tremendous stop considering the amount of fire we had showing when we arrived, the remote location and the size of the building,'' said Carrier.