3 local cops stopped short of finish line after bomb blasts

BOSTON — Three Lakes Region police officers taking part in Monday's Boston Marathon were not injured when two bombs exploded near the finish line, killing two people and injuring more than 100.
Lt. Rich Simmons of the Laconia Police Department and Sgt. Robert Chase of Meredith were about a half-mile from the finish line when the blasts went off at about 2:50 p.m. according to Officer Tom Dawson of the Franklin Police Department, who said that he was around the 24-mile point of the 26.2 mile race when he and other runners were stopped by race officials.
Dawson said that his wife, Jill, and daughter Zoe, 13, and son Chance, 9, were making their way to the finish line in anticipation of his arrival and heard two explosions but did not witness any of the carnage.
He said that he had phone conversations with his wife and that she was in touch with the families of the other police officers and had been told that neither the officers nor their families were injured.
''It was a very scary thing. My family was pretty shook up about it and all of the runners were concerned for the safety of the people near the finish line.'' said Dawson.
It was the first Boston Marathon for all three runners.
Dawson said that he was running in memory of his mother, who passed away last August 16.
''I guess she was looking out for me from on high,'' said Dawson, who expressed sympathy for the families of those killed and injured in the explosions.
Also, the Supreme Court of New Hampshire was reporting that Justice James Barnett had finished the race earlier and was not hurt by the explosions. An avid runner, Bassett lives in Canterbury. He was able to get to his phone and text the court's offices that he was okay.
Meanwhile, Monday night,  Belmont Selectboard Chairman Ron Cormier opened a board meeting by asking for a moment of silence for the victims of the Marathon explosions. Cormier said a family member was in Boston for the event. As he left the meeting about 7 p.m. Cormier said the family member had just arrived back in the Lakes Region. He declined to identify the person or give other details out of respect for the person's privacy.