Tie between Bike Week & Father's Day again raised before City Council

LACONIA — Speaking to the City Council last night, Jay Lewis, a longtime resident and property owner, took issue with the scheduling of Motorcycle Week — not this year but next, when the rally will open instead of close on Father's Day weekend. He claimed that the change of date would jeopardize attendance and shrink bookings.
Reached in Colorado, Charlie St. Clair, executive director of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association, explained later that the rally always begins on the second full weekend — or put, another way, the second Saturday — in June, stressing that full means Saturday and Sunday. In 2014, June 1 falls on a Sunday and the second Saturday falls on June 14. St. Clair agreed that because Father's Day is the third Sunday in June, in most years it marks the end, not the beginning of the rally.
"We locked up the week starting on the second full weekend some years ago," St. Clair said, "to keep our place on the calendar and not interfere with other major rallies, 2014 will be no different."