Gilford police say man's resisting arrest moves included 4-letter words, head banging and head butting

GILFORD — A local man is free on personal recognizance bail after trying to run from away from police after hitting a guide wire for a commercial sign with his vehicle on Cherry Valley Road Monday night.
Police said Cameron Lobo, 24, of 344 Old Lake Shore Road #13 tried to run from police but fell and rolled down the hill toward the Gunstock Inn.
He is charged with one count of simple assault, one count of resisting arrest and a number of motor vehicle violations, inlcuding driving while intoxicated.
After police caught him, Lobo is said the have begun yelling obscenities and wouldn't comply with the officer. During the struggle, the officer deployed his Taser and Lobo was subdued until a second officer could get there.
While being transported to the Gilford Police Department, Lobo allegedly began hitting his head on the separation barrier while cuffed in the back seat. When he wouldn't calm down the transporting officer sprayed him with pepper spray.
After being treated on the side of the road by Gilford Fire and Rescue, he was taken to LRGH for evaluation. While there he alleged head-butted one of the police officers in the chest and spit on a nurse who was helping police put him into four-point restraints.
He was treated and transported to the Belknap County Jail. The next day he was released on $2,500 personal recognizance bail.