Woman said robbed of purse while walking along Shaker Road in Belmont

BELMONT — Police are actively investigating the robbery of a woman who told police yesterday that two men stole her purse while she was walking along Shaker Road near Elk Farm.
The woman told police a car pulled along side of her and one man got out to ask to ask directions. While they were talking he stole her purse. She said she was unharmed and neither man showed a weapon.
She described the car as a black two-door compact. She said the man who stole the purse was about 6-feet tall and weighed about 200 pounds. She said he had a spider tattoo on his neck and wore a black hooded sweatshirt with a red bandanna.
She said the driver was slim built and that both men appeared to be in their early 20s.
This is the second robbery in two weeks in Belmont. About 10 days ago, a taxi driver reported he was robbed on Route 107 by his two male passengers at knife and gun point.
The men were described by the driver as a tall thin black male and a shorter heavier white male. He was unharmed.
Anyone with any information about these crimes robberies is asked to call police at 267-8350.