Woman with suspended license said to have led Meredith police on brief chase

MEREDITH – A Laconia woman was ordered held on $500 cash bail in circuit court yesterday after allegedly leading police on a short chase on Livingstone road Monday morning.
Rebecca L. Hanson, 29, of 24 McGrath St. Unit 4 is charged with one count of driving after her license was suspended, resisting arrest, and disobeying an officer.
She is also facing a violation for driving an uninspected vehicle — the offense for which Meredith Police attempted to stop her.
Court affidavits said Hanson was at the intersection of Meredith Center Road and Livingston Road when a patrol officer noticed an inspection violation. He flashed his emergency lights but said Hanson continued without stopping.
The officer activated his siren and lights and followed her for the entire length of Livingston Road — about 1.5 miles. While following her, the officer noticed her raise her hands in the air but still didn't stop.
As the truck approached Parade Road, the officer was able to partially block the intersection forcing Hanson to stop. Once stopped, he said she yelled profanities at him.
He told her she was under arrest and helped her out of the vehicle. Once out of the vehicle, she pulled away from the officer and grabbed onto the truck to stop from being placed in handcuffs.
During the struggle, police said one passerby stopped and asked the officer if he needed any help. He declined and was able to handcuff her.
Police learned her license had been suspended for failing to pay a court fine and there was an electronic bench warrant for her from Concord courts — also for non-payment of fines.