Alleged drug dealer held on $50k cash bail

LACONIA — Circuit Court Judge Jim Carroll ordered the Gilford Avenue man charged Friday for three felony counts of possession of narcotic drugs with the intent to distribute them held on $50,000 cash-only bail.
Virakone Havanglasan, 34,, of 137 Gilford Avenue was arrested by police Friday morning after they executed a search warrant at his home.
He appeared by video yesterday in the 4th Cirvuit Court, Laconia Division.
Affidavits said Havanglasan was home and initially told police he had marijuana and a small amount of cocaine in the house but nothing else. Police said he retrieved a duffel bag and gave it to them. It had about a pound of marijuana that was allegedly vacuum sealed with two smaller bags inside, some scales and some cocaine.
After a search, police also allegedly found a bag of brown powder inside a bag that had also had several wax paper bindles they determined are typically associated with resale. Police said they also found several pills that appeared to be Xanax that were bundled in the corners of tied-off plastic bags. There were unmarked prescription bottles and police said the pills were commingled.
Affidavits also said Havanglasan also had what appeared to be a sales ledger in his wallet.
Police continue to investigate whether or not Havanglasan was in violation of being a registered sex offender because he had a phone with an unreported unlisted number. Havanglasen was convicted of rape in 1997 for having sex with a minor who was older than 13 but under 16 and more than three years younger than him.