2 Belknap County reps break rank on Stand-Your-Ground repeal vote

CONCORD — Apart from two representatives, the 18 members of the Belknap County Delegation divided along party lines when House Bill 135, revising the so-called "stand-your-ground" law, carried the New Hampshire House of Representatives by five votes, 189 to 184, yesterday.
The "stand-your-ground" law, enacted over the veto of Governor John Lynch in 2011, expanded the Castle Doctrine, which allows the use deadly force without a duty to retreat in defense of one's home, by permitting the use of deadly force to defend one's person, without a duty to retreat, wherever one has a right to be. While upholding the Castle Doctrine, HB 135 restores the duty to retreat before contemplating the use of deadly force in public places.
While 14 of the 15 Republicans on the delegation voted against and four of the five Democrats in favor, Republican Dennis Fields of Sanbornton and Democrat Ruth Gulick of New Hampton crossed party lines.