Great rescue of a Dane

GILFORD — When "Danika" the Great Dane saw what she thought were two ducks sitting on the pond at Bolduc Park yesterday, she may have thought of playing or lunch.
Whatever her thoughts, Gilford firefighters rescued the dog after she fell through the thin ice and couldn't get out.
Firefighter Nate Lemay, who donned his water safety suit, said he was able to lay prone on the ice and reach her collar — pulling the dog to safety as her grateful owner looked on.
He said Danika "just shook it off" and after profuse thanks from her owner could be seen scampering up the hill toward Ridgewood Drive and the warmth and safety of home.
Bolduc Park volunteer Bill Kosla was cross-country skiing for what he said could be one of the last times this year. He explained that the decoy ducks are the markers for the underwater area for some wind-propelled agitators that keep the water moving to prevent algae in the summer.
He said the agitators also inhibit that part of the shallow pond from freezing completely in the winter.
Lemay said firefighters rescue dogs for two good reasons — they love dogs and if they don't rescue dogs they will be rescuing their owners.
"Many times I've seen people go in after their dogs and both get in trouble," he said.
Lemay also said that it is no longer safe to be on the ice in the Lakes Region. He noted that temperatures are predicted to gradually rise through the end of the week and further compromise what people think is solid ice.