Recount confirms Billings as winner of Inter-Lakes race

MEREDITH —  A recount held Monday morning confirmed that Mark Billings was the winner of a Meredith seat on the Inter-Lakes School Board and Billings was sworn into office right after the two-hour process, which showed only a minor change in the final tally.
Billings emerged victorious by a 617-595 margin over Chris Mega, who had requested the recount. The initial tally was 617-596.
The recount showed Sandwich results unchanged 100 for Billings 218 for Mega. Center Harbor recount showed Billings lost one vote going from 78 to 77. Mega's count of 95 remained unchanged. In Meredith, Billings gained one going from 439 to 440 while Mega lost one going from 283 to 282.