Belmont village crash sends 2 to LRGH

BELMONT — A three-car accident across near the intersection of Routes 106 and Route 140 and in front of the Fire Station sent two people to the hospital and snarled traffic in the area yesterday at 2:45 p.m.
Cpl. Steve Akerstrom said a minivan was heading out of the Irving Station onto Gilmanton Road where there are two lanes of traffic at that intersection — one for going straight through the light and onto Route 140 and one for making a left turn on to Route 106.
As the van was leaving the parking lot, Akerstron said the car driving in the straight-through lane stopped to let the van out but the car in the left-turn lane didn't and collided with the van as it entered the road.
He said one car was pushed into the car that initially stopped.
Fire Lt. Fred Greene said two people were taken to Lakes Region General Hospital with what he described as non-life threatening injuries.
Belmont Police diverted traffic from the area for about an hour while they investigated the crash.