WOW Trail board; Allan Beetle moves up

LACONIA — After overseeing stewardship of the WOW Trail organization for the last eight years, Board of Directors Chair Diane Hanley is stepping aside. Hanley is a founding board member and has been its leader since 2005, stepping up with the passing of WOW Trail founder and then city councilor Fred Toll.
Hanley oversaw the construction of Phase I of the trail, from Lakeport Square to downtown Laconia.
Allan Beetle, also a founding board member, will now move to chairman.
"We are all so grateful for the leadership Diane has given us over the years," said Beetle. "And we are very happy that she will continue helping us in our mission to build nine miles of trail through Laconia as part of the county wide rail trail effort to span from Franklin to Meredith."
With Hanley's departure, the WOW Trail group has decided it is time to bring on an executive director to help manage the execution of the organization's goals and projects.
"Like other non-profit groups, the WOW Trail organization has reached the stage of needing an executive director," said Hanley. The board is excited to bring on someone who will help us build the momentum of this project. The community wants to see this get done sooner than later, bringing health, recreation and economic benefits to the community along with it".
The group is now focusing its efforts on Phase II, which will essentially double the trail by extending from downtown to the Belmont town line. Hanley will continue volunteering with the group by leading the Phase II design and construction committee as well as grant writing.
"I really enjoy and support the trail and plan to keep contributing, but I realize that changing up leadership from time to time is a good management practice," said Hanley.
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