Kozens will be new athletic director at Laconia High

LACONIA — Craig Kozens, best known as Laconia High School's football coach, will succeed Jim Chase as the school's athletic director and dean of students, the school district announced yesterday. Chase is retiring at the end of the current school year.
In addition to his role as head football coach, Kozens also serves as assistant baseball coach and teaches math and physical education courses. He came to the Laconia School District 12 years ago, having previously taught and coached at the private New Hampton School.
Kozens will no longer be teaching at LHS. Instead, he'll have more time to devote to athletics. "I have passion for athletics, it's something I feel strongly about."
Kozens was born into an athletic family. "I love being around it, my whole life I've submerged myself in athletics since day one." He believes that athletics teaches young people how to be better students, budget their time and learn life lessons. Kozens has often believed that his players should strive to be "good people first, good athletes second."
In making the announcement, Superintendent Bob Champlin said, "Craig Kozens is an outstanding role model for our student athletes, our coaches, and our programs. He has made significant contributions on the playing fields, in the classroom, and has helped develop the 'Laconia Way' that we aspire to achieve in all our interscholastic competitions. His '24-7' approach to supporting young people has benefited so many."
As dean of students, Kozens will work with the principal and assistant principal to help facilitate the school day and provide discipline where needed. "If I can make good relationships with the students here, I can help them make good decisions," he said.
Chase will officially retire on June 30; Kozens will assume his new role on July 1.