Police think Meredith just drop point for Mass. pot buy

LACONIA — A Worcester, Mass. man who was arrested Thursday by Meredith Police for having about 25 pounds of pot delivered to him may have ties to a larger marijuana ring, said Lt. Keith True yesterday.
True said the United State Drug Enforcement Agency was contacted by them and the agency is conducting a wider investigation into Tuan N. Le, 49, of 21 Greenwood St. U2 of Worcester.
True said police believe Le is somehow part of a much wider drug ring that obtains less-than-medical-grade, commercial marijuana from California and ships it to Meredith where it is returned back to Massachusetts by couriers.
He said Meredith Police got their tip from the Gilford Police who were notified by Federal Express about multiple deliveries to a rental house at 5 Lower Ladd Hill Road. He said Fed Ex security and Det. Cpl. John Eichhorn verified the contents of the packages before Eichhorn got a van and made the delivery to Le.
He said the shipment came in two boxes, each about 18 square inches. When Eichhorn, driving a van obtained from the Department of Public Works and dressed in jeans, a sweatshirt and a Red Sox cap, brought one box to the door, Le said he would sign for it but told him he was expecting two boxes.
He signed for both and was arrested without incident by Eichhorn and True.
"Le was very polite about it," said True who noted that Le told him he was born in Vietnam and emigrated to Louisiana before moving to Worcester. He told True that he was married and had been laid-off from his job as a machine operator for about one year.
He said his investigation showed Le had paid cash for the house for one week and didn't provide a credit card. The property rental company said Le has paid for the same house twice in the past, always for one week or less and always in cash.
In addition, he said the most recent delivery to 5 Lower Ladd Hill Road was made on March 19 and the man who signed for it put the package in his car and drove away from the house.
True said Le's car is registered in Massachusetts and was impounded and towed.
Since he has no family ties to New Hampshire and rents his apartment in Worcester, True asked for $50,000 cash bail and a proof of the source of the money should he post bail.
Judge Jim Carroll agreed and also made Le surrender his passport.