Engine 4 has a new pump but Gilford chief says there's still repair work to do

GILFORD — Repairs on the fire engine that cause a year's worth of bitterness and resentment in town are nearly complete, said Fire Chief Steve Carrier yesterday.
Carrier said Engine 4 — a 25-year old pumper/tanker — has returned from Lakes Region Fire Apparatus in Tamworth and is at the Department of Public Works being repaired for a number of mechanical or "punch list" items.
Included in those, said Carrier, are a problem with the driver's seat which is an air-ride seat and needs a new air bag, a few air leaks near the bumper and under the dash board and a problem with the Jake brake that is now fixed.
He said they are looking for some different temperature and tachometer gauges. He said the DPW has already fixed the air horn button and the oil pressure gauge.
Carrier said the biggest obstacle is fixing the seat and suggested during at meeting of Board of Fire Commissioners this week that a used seat might fit the bill.
Engine 4 has been out of service for a number of months and was sent to have new pump installed. Other work on the truck has been performed by the Department of Public Works, who have at last counting spent about 500 man hours working on the truck.
He said he is hopeful the truck will be back in service within a week or so and expects to have a final accounting of how much it took to repair the truck for the April Board of Fire Engineers meeting. That information will also be passed on to the Board of Selectmen.