21-year-old convicted of threatening Laconia Police officer after DWI stop

LACONIA — One of two men involved in an altercation in April of 2012 that led to a city police officer suffering a broken nose, was convicted by a jury yesterday on two count of criminal threatening.
The jury found that Abdul Kamara, 21, whose last known address was 4 Hill St., verbally threatened the life and family of Sgt. Allan Graton, who was at the scene where a car in which Kamara was a passenger had been stopped by Patrol Officer Gary Allen for a DWI check.
Acording to police reports, Allen called for a backup and Officer Michael Armstrong and Graton responded.
After all three of the occupants were out of the car and the driver, Scott Batchelder, Jr., 29, of New Hampton was in one cruiser charged with driving under the influence, Armstrong began taking inventory of Batchelder's car so that it could be towed.
Graton was standing with Kamara and Stephen Johnstone, 21, who were both passengers in Batcheldor's car.
When Kamara and Johnstone became verbally abusive to Graton, Armstrong went to his assistance. Affidavits said neither man would settle down so the decision to place both of them in protective custody was made.
When Batchelder went to place Kamara in handcuffs, Johnstone allegedly yelled "no" and pushed Armstrong away. Armstrong attempted to grab Johnstone's shirt and take him to the ground but Johnstone pulled back and struck Armstrong in the eye and broke his nose.
Kamara was ordered to his knees and he complied. The struggle with Johnstone continued until he was subdued by a Taser (electric stun gun).
Kamara was placed in the back seat of a cruiser while Graton and Armstrong continued to deal with Johnstone. Armstrong looked back at his cruiser and saw it rocking back and forth. He told Kamara to quiet down and secured him with a seat belt. He also said Kamara refused to move his hand from the cruiser doorway.
Kamara continued to rock the cruiser and at one point kicked out one of the windows.
City police called Gilford Police who brought their transport van. They said Kamara continued to kick the Plexiglass in the Gilford van, forcing the officer driving to stop numerous time. Affidavits said he remained uncooperative while at the Laconia Police Station.
After his conviction yesterday, Kamara was ordered held on $5,000 cash bail in the Belknap County House of Corrections until his pre-sentencing investigation can be completed. Clerks estimate he could be sentenced in April.
Johnstone has yet to have his trial.