Belmont police will raise funds to get rid of gray pants

BELMONT — Selectmen decided last night to let the Police Department starts its own effort to raise about $7,000 to switch their gray pants with the red racing strip down the side for some new dark blue pants.
"We're calling it the Belmont P.D. Ditch the Gray Pants Campaign," said Selectman Vice Chair Ruth Mooney who said she had spoken to Chief Lewandowski about it.
She said the goal would be to raise enough money to replace the pants, ties and logos for the 15 current police officers. While there is $10,000 annually in the police budget for uniforms, she said that money is typically set aside for new hires or for emergency uniform replacements.
Mooney said Lewandowski has a good and energetic young police department and thinks the new uniforms would look better on them.
Selectmen Jon Pike and Ron Cormier supported the idea as long as it didn't come from tax dollars.
In other business, Selectmen acknowledged at letter from the Sanbornton selectmen who said there may have been some "misunderstanding" about their desire to discuss the future of having a regionalized fire station in the Winnisquam area for Belmont, Tilton-Northfield, and Sanbornton.
Belmont Selectmen declined to discuss the letter saying only that they would accept it as written. "There may or may not have been a misunderstanding," said Selectman Chair Ron Cormier.
The letter said that because of economics the town of Sanbornton was not financially able to participate in the purchase of new fire boat for use on Lake Winnisquam but remains interested in keeping the lines of communication open regarding a fire station.
Since the voters rejected the $25,000 Belmont requested for a fire boat at last weeks election — it looks likes its replacement is a dead issue for at least this year.
Sanbornton selectmen said they were willing to form a study committee should Belmont and Tilton-Northfield wish to continue discussions about ambulance and fire coverage.