Modern Dance Classes offered in Sandwich

SANDWICH — Paula Vinzi Johnson is offering master classes in modern dance at the Sandwich Town Hall. The classes, which take place over six days, 90 minutes each day, are offered in two sections. The first section will take place from Monday, July 21 through July 26. The second section will be held Monday, August 4 through August 9.

For each section, the beginner/all levels class will be held from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., while the intermediate/advanced class will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The fee to attend a week of either the beginner or intermediate/advanced class is $54. The fee to attend a week of both classes is $95.

To reserve a spot in the class, or for more information, call Johnson at 726-4205 or BJ Vinzi at 253-7466.

Gilford Business Announces First Sale of its Patented Life Rescue Vehicle

GILFORD — After four years of research and development followed by numerous trade shows, Roger Bailey, founder and President of WISE Technology LLC of Gilford is proud to announce the first sale and delivery of their patented AIR Responder.

It was while attending the annual FDIC (the largest fire and rescue trade show in the country), that Mark Bosse, Chief of the Poland, Maine Fire Department first became acquainted with the vehicle that was delivered to him.
"Two years ago during a very physical, labor intensive life rescue some of our guys almost didn't make it back". The incident that nearly cost the lives of four of his men took place 1500 feet off shore, explains Bosse.
"When you have a victim that far out it, takes a while to get to them. It takes a lot of energy. The victim is stressed, the rescuer is stressed, they're fatigued, we're fatigued. It's more problematic, more high- risk", explains Captain Tom Printup, referring to conventional methods.
The AIR Responder is capable of carrying multiple people, up to 900 pounds, across solid and broken ice as well as open water, virtually eliminating the risk to rescue personal who, using traditional methods, are at risk of becoming victims themselves if they should fall through the ice. The patented hull is foam filled and Kevlar reinforced which renders it virtually unsinkable. Because of this and the very low center of gravity, the Responder is a very stable, agile platform that can reach a victim in a fraction of the time of current methods. The rescue personnel can focus completely on getting to the victim without concern for their own safety.
"It can go across water, across ice, and anything in between, in situations where you can't safely put another piece of equipment out there", adds Bosse.
Because it is powered by an unmodified snowmobile, there is almost no learning curve to operate the vehicle. Since it is so easy to remove the snowmobile from the hull, Bosse expects to also use the snowmobile alone as needed.
Bailey recently returned from a trade show in Toronto and reports extensive interest in the device from our friends north of the border due to the longer, colder winters there. Interest is however, not limited to the US. Last fall, when Bailey's new marketing team posted a video of one of their trial runs, his Facebook Page was suddenly extremely active. "We went from being stuck at just 45 fans and no activity to a weekend with hundreds of comments and questions pouring in from all over the world, many asking how they could purchase one. Thankfully Facebook offers a translation option, it sure came in handy", reports Bailey.
 Bosse reports that Poland Fire Department's purchase didn't use a dime of taxpayer dollars. All funds were raised by the men and women of the local fire fighters' association and generous donations from Poland's local lake association.

Energy Saving Opportunities for Small Businesses

PLYMOUTH — New Hampshire Electric Cooperative offers rebates of 35% of the installed cost of the energy efficiency improvements up to $15,000 for small business owners in Co-op service territory. The upgrades must have a payback period of five years or less to qualify for rebates.

NHEC says that the most cost-effective improvements small businesses can  can make are weatherization upgrades to the building shell, including insulation and air sealing. Upgrading an existing boiler or furnace could also provide significant savings.
Today's energy-efficient boilers are more than 90% efficient and can save a lot of money in the long run.
Similarly, many small businesses are literally throwing money out the window due to poorly insulated spaces that allow heat to escape in the winter months and cool air in the summer months. Together, weatherization and water heating upgrades can pay for themselves in a surprisingly short amount of time. That's the idea behind NHEC's Fossil Fuel Program, which aims to help small business owners reduce their fossil fuel usage.

Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation gave $273,000 to 282 students this year

GILFORD — The Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation awarded a total of $273,550 to 282 students this year, the organization reports.

About 40 percent of the foundation's funds were awarded to graduating high school seniors, with the balance going to upperclassmen. The foundation notes that its support does not stop after a student's freshman year. 

Foundation officials said the organization was able to provide this financial assistance because off its many generous donors or donor funds.

Since its founding in 1956, the Lakes Region Scholarship Foundation has awarded nearly $4.9 million to almost 4,500 students pursuing higher education.

Paulette Loughlin, the foundation's president, emphasized, "The Foundation, however, is merely the conduit. It is the over 500 donors (not including the thousands who have contributed to specific memorial funds or special fundraisers over the past 58 years) who deserve the credit for this proud record. They are the ones who have been extending a helping hand to local students looking to continue their education and fulfill their career goals.

"Many of our donor funds are very specific," she continued. "Some donors are interested in specific majors and many target specific high school graduates, such as only a Laconia or Gilford or Belmont High School graduate."

Applications will be mailed at the end of January 2015 to this year's applicants (unless they are graduating from college), giving them an opportunity to reapply by the due date of April 15, 2015. Anyone who would like a copy of the foundation's 2014 Donor Recognition Booklet or more information about the Foundation, can contact the foundation at 603-527-3533 or visit email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.