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Castle in the Clouds Opens New Art Exhibition

MOULTONBOOUGH — Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough opened its first art exhibition of the 2014 season: Paperwasp; Creatures Real & Imagined on May 10 and invites the public to a Gallery Reception on May 25 at 5:30 p.m. in the Carriage House.

This exhibition of fantastical sculptures by Vermont artist Kristian Brevik features oversized and colorful creatures, all sculpted from paper. Brevik's work emphasizes the interactions between art and science and is inspired by his background working in natural history museums, preparing specimens and articulating skeletons.

Brevik's sculpture "explores the intricate beauty of insects and other arthropods, an elegance which frequently escapes our attention. By growing the size of their intricate, segmented bodies, I introduce these often foreign creatures into the human world in a way they are normally unable to crawl."

Visitors to the gallery reception will enjoy complimentary wine and crudités. Entrance is via Ossipee Park Road. All artworks in this exhibition will be available for purchase.

The exhibition and reception are sponsored by locally owned and operated Subway restaurants.

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League Exhibit Promotes Understanding of Metamorphosis

MEREDITH — The League of NH Craftsmen Meredith Gallery is pleased to announce "Metamorphosis: Hatching Understanding", a collaboration with Lucy Golden and Mother Nature.

Beginning June 1 the gallery will host a collection of native moth cocoons in tandem with Lucy's Jewelry. The four local moth species are within the Saturniidae family: Luna, Polyphemus, Cecropia, and Promethea moths. They are also known as the giant silk worm moths.
The impetus for this exhibition is Lucy Golden's passion for the preservation and continuation of New England's native silk moth populations. Most people may not even know that these species are in danger, but their decline stems from the introduction of C. concinnata, a non-native tachinid fly. Introduced in 1906 to combat Gypsy moths (also not native to the area), the deployment of this species was ineffective and destructive. Instead of controlling only the gypsy moth population it began wreaking havoc on more than 200 species of moths and butterflies, including the giant silk moths, native to the northeast.
The exhibit will feature a Lucite housing for cocoons in various stages, along with a body of work that celebrates the metamorphosis from cocoon to moth. Golden has focused on creating awareness of the environmental impact from the plight of these species, among others.
Golden's main body of jewelry is handcrafted from sterling, jeweler's brass, and enamel paint. Her designs include Monarch and Karner blue butterflies, asymmetrical butterfly and cocoon earrings, and a host of other whimsical critters and characters.

This exhibit will promote Lucy's one of a kind pieces – such as incorporating a hatched promethean moth cocoon and the branch it was attached to. These pieces have been electroformed with copper (and are light-weight, due to their hollow nature), treated with a patina, painted, and further embellished with fresh water pearls and glass beads. Each piece is one of a kind, and there will be several variations on this theme.
Customers who purchase a piece from the Moth and Butterfly Collection by Lucy Golden will receive a silk moth cocoon along with care instructions. A portion of the sales from each piece sold from the Moth and Butterfly Collection by Lucy Golden will go to the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center to help promote environmental awareness.

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Benefit Hike will aid effort to stop child trafficking

LACONIA  — A benefit hike up Mount Major will be held Sunday, May 25 to benefit LOVE146, an international non-profit that is working to bring an end to child trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Participants can register and donate between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. in the Mount Major parking lot. A suggested $25 per family tax deductible donation is welcomed according to Katrina AuCoin, who can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more more information. She says more than $1,500 was raised at last year's hike.

Rob Morris, president and co-founder of LOVE146, will be speaking Sunday at the 8:30 am. and 10:30 a.m. services at the Lakes Region Vineyard Church at 175 Mechanic Street, Lakeport.


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First Annual Meredith Trash Pickup Day hosted by DAK Financial

 MEREDITH —  Volunteers took to the streets with trash bags and gloves on Saturday, May 10 for the First Annual DAK Financial Group, Trash Pickup Day.

Upwards of 50 people came together for this day of community service to take pride in our town's appearance and enjoy the company of other like minded individuals. "This was a wonderful opportunity to teach our children, our families and friends to respect our community and not to litter", said DAK Financial Group, President, David Kutcher.

Sponsored by DAK Financial Group, the event ran from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday and persevered despite the looming rain..

Volunteers were treated to a delicious barbeque after the event and amazing Cider Belly donuts in the morning. In addition to an awesome showing by the Meredith Rotary Club, volunteers included many DAK clients from the area, Meredith Selectman, Hillary Seeger and State Senator Jeanie Forrester.

Organizers hope this will be the first of many years of this wonderful event.


More than 50 volunteers took part in a trash cleanup day in Meredith sponsored by DAK Financial Group. (Courtesy photo)

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