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WinnAero schedules teacher workshops

GILFORD — WinnAero, the Laconia Airport-based non-profit educational organization, has scheduled a new  round of teacher workshops.

The five sessions will be dedicated to STEM-related activities around aviation topics and will utilize Civil Air Patrol (CAP) curricula modules.

"These workshops are great for teachers implementing STEM activities in their classrooms but are also for the home schooling parent who wishes to keep abreast of how to use STEM to challenge and educate" said WinnAero Education Director, Dan Caron.

Caron is a high school technology and engineering teacher and has won numerous awards for teaching excellence, including the Civil Air Patrol National Teacher of the Year Award.

The workshop topics include Aircraft Systems & Airports, July 14; Air Environment July 15; Rockets, Aug. 14; Space Environment, Aug. 15; and Spacecraft, Sept. 6.

Workshop participants will receive, if not already a CAP Aerospace Education Member (AEM), a one-year membership. This enables certified teachers to access additional CAP educational materials as well as an opportunity to apply for CAP classroom grants. Workshop sessions are held at the Laconia Airport and the cost per workshop is $50 for non-Civil Air Patrol members and $20 for current CAP AEM members. The registration fee includes all materials, lunch, snacks and the CAP AEM membership.

Check-in is at 8:30 a.m. with adjournment at 3:30 p.m. Workshops may be used for teacher professional development credit as allowed by the sponsoring school district.

Interested teachers may attend any or all of the workshops and professional certification credit may be applied based on the teacher's district policy. Additional details and workshop registration information are on-line at www.winnaero.org.

WinnAero gratefully acknowledges the grant funding from the Wolf Aviation Fund and the Air Force Association which helped to make these teacher workshops available.

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Loon Chicks are Hatching Throughout the State

MOULTONBOROUGH —  The Loon Preservation Committee (LPC) reports that loon chicks are hatching on lakes around the state just in time for the July 4th holiday, making them more vulnerable to disturbance as human activity increases on the lakes.

If you see an adult loon with chicks please make sure to stay at least 150 feet from them so the parents can concentrate on feeding and caring for their chicks. If the adult shows any signs of distress such as craning its neck low over the water, thrashing about in the water, or vocalizing,  give them more space. Newly hatched chicks are small, dark and cannot dive, so please use caution if you are traveling by boat. Boat collisions are the greatest human-related cause of chick mortality and the third highest cause of adult loon mortality after lead poisoning from ingested fishing tackle and injuries from monofilament line or other fishing tackle.

Last year Loon Preservation Committee biologists floated a record number of rafts to help loons nest and protected a record number of nesting pairs with signs and ropeline. They recorded 157 loon chicks hatched but 24% of those chicks did not survive. Studies indicate that a minimum breeding success rate of 0.48 surviving chicks per loon pair is needed to maintain the loon population over the long term, but New Hampshire's loons have achieved that level of breeding success in only two out of the last eight years. LPC biologists are hoping for a more productive breeding season this year for the state-threatened loon population.

"A late ice-out and therefore late start to nesting means that loons will either have very young chicks or still be on the nest over the July 4th weekend" said Harry Vogel, Senior Biologist/Executive Director of the Loon Preservation Committee. "In either case, it's imperative that we give them some space to minimize disturbances at these very vulnerable times in their life cycles."

The annual Loon Census will take place on Saturday, July 19 from 8-9 am. This mid-season count gives LPC a "snapshot" on loon productivity throughout the state and also helps LPC discover new territories. Those who would like to participate can contact LPC at 603-476-5666 or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Loons are a threatened species in New Hampshire and are protected by state and federal laws from hunting or harassment, including following adults with chicks. If you observe harassment of loons, contact the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department (603-271-3361) or Marine Patrol (603-293-2037) for assistance. The Loon Preservation Committee would also like to remind everyone to leave your lead tackle at home if you are fishing on the lakes this summer, as lead poisoning from ingested lead tackle is the largest known cause of adult loon mortality in New Hampshire.

The Loon Preservation Committee monitors loons throughout the state as part of its mission to restore and maintain a healthy population of loons in New Hampshire; to monitor the health and productivity of loon populations as sentinels of environmental quality; and to promote a greater understanding of loons and the natural world.

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Winnipesaukee Playhouse offering scholarships for summer theatre camp

MEREDITH — Thanks to the generosity of the WLNH Children's Auction, The Winnipesaukee Playhouse is offering full and partial scholarships for their summer camp programs. Students can receive these need-based scholarships upon filling out a short application found on www.winnipesaukeeplayhouse.org under the Education tab. The Winnipesaukee Playhouse is proud to provide these scholarships which will allow more children to explore aspects of theatre, both on and off-stage, in an inclusive and immersive environment.
With their new Education Director, Timothy L'Ecuyer, The Winnipesaukee Playhouse is excited to invigorate their summer camp, which continues to offer their programs for children ages 5 – 14. The summer of "Fables, Legends, and Myths," incorporates many beloved tales (Aesop's Fables, Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories, Constellations and Planets, 1,001 Arabian Nights, American Tall-Tales, and King Arthur) to serve as a guide for the camp sessions. Here students will spend weeks exploring, playing, and learning in a fun theatrical setting. Held at Inter-Lakes Elementary School, students will enjoy their time immersed in different aspects of theatre, music, art, and dance, all culminating to a final showcase for their friends and family.
Camp 1 is offered for children ages 5-8, with Camp 2 geared towards ages 9-11. These weeklong sessions will each incorporate a different tale and offer morning (9:00 – 12:00), afternoon (1:00 – 4:00), and full day sessions. The morning is centered on the basics of theatre, and the afternoon focused is focused on music, dance, and art. In addition to Camp 1 and 2, there will also be an Upper Camp offered for ages 12-14. This camp will allow for a more in depth experience with two- week sessions for the full day. The extended camp session provides time for increased script comprehension, as well as more time to rehearse and refine the student's craft.
With help from the WLNH Children's Auction, this summer will be full of amazing opportunities in theatre for many local youth. All information regarding these programs and the camp staff can be found at the theater's website www.winnipesaukeeplayhouse.org.

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5 ‘Wine & Design’ events this summer

Wine&Design Events, an art instruction program which combines lessons in a relaxed social setting, is holding five "Paint Nights" this summer.

Two of the events will be held at the Belknap Mill, outdoor, along the water's edge in Rotary Park. All of the proceeds from these Picnic and Paint nights will be donated to the Belknap Mill. Participants are asked to bring  favorite snacks and relax and enjoy. Two local artists will be walking participants through the evenings painting.

On Thursday, July 17, the featured artist will be Katie Criscone and on Tuesday, July 29, Meredith artist and studio owner Heidi Little will provide the instruction.

Other events will be held at Church Landing along the lake in Meredith. The dates for these events are July 8, Aug. 7, and Aug. 13. Artist and studio owner Stacey Lucas of Holderness will be the instructor on July 8 and Aug. 13. Aaron and Alison Witham will be lead the program on Aug. 7.

These events include two hours of painting instruction, a 16 by 20 work of art to display in your home or office and a wonderful, unique experience out with friends or family.

Those interested in registering for these events, learning more about the artists or arranging a private event (great for birthday parties, bridal parties, team building and other gatherings) can go to to www.wineanddesignevents.com or email Chantelle Moynihan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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