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January's featured artists to exhibit throughout the region

GILFORD — The Lakes Region Art Association announces the artists selected for this month’s popular Artists of the Month Program. As the Association draws from the entire Lakes Region, this program is aimed at exposing the Association and its members’ work across the entire area.

Each month, a jury selects from submissions by member artists to be featured at various businesses in the Lakes Region. These original pieces might be oil or acrylic paintings, watercolors, pastels, or collages.

The following member artists will each have art work on display until January 31 at these Lakes Region locations: Florrie Bagley, Bank of New Hampshire in Gilford; Jean Kennedy at Franklin Savings Bank in Gilford; Jay Fitzpatrick at Franklin Savings Bank's Main Office in Franklin; Steve Ober at Northway Bank in Tilton; Lorraine Gateriewictz at  VynnArt Gallery in Meredith; Vynnie Hale at Northway Bank in Meredith; Gerri Harvey at Northway Bank in Laconia and Annette Hutchins at the Belknap Mill in Laconia.

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Pitmans Hosting The Sopranos Star Frank Santorelli

LACONIA — Fans of the hit HBO series The Sopranos will recognize him as Georgie the Bartender. But long before he was Georgie, Frank Santorelli had established himself as one of the top comedians in the business, working the best rooms from Boston to Hollywood.

Santorelli will be appearing Sat. Jan. 18 at 8 pm at Pitman's Freight Room in Laconia as the monthly, Las Vegas comedy series returns to 94 New Salem St. venue. Tickets are $15 and may be purchased in advance by contacting Pitman's at (603) 527-0043 or (603) 494-3334 or tickets may be purchased at the door the night of the show. Pittman's is a BYOB venue.

Also appearing will be Karen Fitzgerald and Jeff Koen.

Santorelli, the night's headliner, has not only been a long time Boston comedy icon, but from 1999 to 2007 he had the recurring role of "Georgie the Bartender" in The Sopranos and he had a star role in film "The Godfathers of Comedy."

Santorelli has appeared in numerous other movies including "No Reservations," "Meet the Parents," and "Crooked Lines," as well as having been seen in many television shows including "Law and Order."

Santorelli has headlined at some of the world's most famous comedy clubs including Comic Strip, Catch a Rising Star, the Comedy Cellar, and Caroline's, all in New York City as well as the Laugh Factory and The Improv in Los Angeles. He has also appeared at many of the major clubs around the country including Las Vegas and he has been seen on Comedy Central.

"I'm looking forward to this," said Santorelli. "I've heard a lot about the room from some of the other comedians who have worked there. If the room and the crowd are half as good as what I've heard, then it should be a great night."

As for the rest of the lineup, the quality level remains high. Karen Fitzgerald is a national comedy act who has performed at some of the nation's top clubs as well as being heard on Sirius XM Radio. Fitzgerald has performed in Las Vegas and has appeared at such prestigious clubs as Side Splitters in Tampa, the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Wiley's in Dayton, OH, the Showcase Comedy Theater in Atlanta, Wisecrackers in Scranton, PA, Atlantic Beach Comedy Theater in Raleigh, NC, and the Comedy Cabana in South Carolina. Since returning to New England, she has played every major club in the six state region.

Jeff Koen is a rising star on the comedy scene having already played such notable rooms as Catch a Rising Star, The Kowloon, the Palace Theater, The Portsmouth Music Hall, The Waterville Opera House, and he won the O'Brien's Comedy Contest in the greater Boston area beating out a field of 50 professional comedians. For the past two years he has been one of the regional opening acts for national comedian Juston McKinney and he played a high comedic role in the movie Heavy Times which has gained a cult following all over the world.

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Laconia Academy Offers Diploma Courses for Winter Semester

LACONIA — aconia Academy is the adult evening high school diploma program in the Lakes Region. "This program provides adults with a "second chance" to earn a high school diploma," says Mrs. Peggy Selig, program director.

Anyone interested in enrolling for the Winter Semester 2014 or learning more about the program is urged to call 524-5712 or stop into the Laconia Adult Education Office located in Room #108 at Laconia High School.

The Winter Semester 2014 classes start the week of January 13 – 16, 2014. The following courses will be offered: Suspense!, Algebra I/Accuplacer, Terrible Lizards, Math Concepts/Algebraic Thinking, Pre-Algebra, U.S. History, Chemistry & Lab, Sports Literature, Math 4 Me!, Got Economics!, American Literature A-Z and Human Biology & Lab.

Laconia Academy also enables In-School Youth, enrolled in day high school programs, to take courses at night if they have failed classes during the day. With the principal's permission, any In-School Youth may enroll at Laconia Academy. This cooperation with local area high schools helps prevent In-School Youths from dropping out of high school or having to repeat their senior year.

Students attending Laconia Academy can earn high school diploma credits in several different ways. Credit is given for previous high school credits earned and life experiences such as military service, work experience, apprenticeship training, correspondence courses, certificate
programs and homemaking. Credits are earned by passing courses at Laconia Academy. Laconia Academy is also approved for those eligible for V.A. benefits.

One vital piece of paper needed at the time of enrollment is a copy of one's high school transcript from the last school attended. It is necessary in order to transfer those previously earned high school credits to one's current record at Laconia Academy.

Bank of New Hampshire has established limited scholarship help for those students demonstrating financial need living in Laconia, Gilford, Meredith, Center Harbor, Plymouth, Bristol and Moultonborough. This scholarship help will enable students to return to school at night and complete their high school education.

The New Hampshire Charitable Foundation through the Adult Success Program Grant (ASP) has also provided limited scholarship for these individuals who qualify in addition to limited scholarship assistance through the Pardoe Grant.
Call 524-5712 to make an appointment or for more information.

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MacRae's 'Faces of Laconia' at the Belknap Mill

LACONIA — Those who have not yet seen the photo project "Faces of Laconia" will have the opportunity to learn all about it when photographer Alan MacRae gives a slide presentation the Belknap Mill on Tuesday, Jan. 21. The ongoing project so far includes the portraits of 19 people and MacRae hopes to pull the photos together into a published volume when has 25.

"I thought of people who have made a significant contribution to Laconia," said MacRae, "but the project grew a little bit to include people outside Laconia — some of the unsung heroes."

The idea of making a photographic record of local people of significance grew out of MacRae's exposure to the work of Maryland photographer David Hobby.

"There are a handful of photographers whose work I have a great deal of respect for," MacRae said, explaining that he had attended a seminar in Rhode Island in which Hobby described his web-based photography project, HoCo360, "a visual journal of Howard County, Maryland".

"Seeing some of his work, I thought it would be fun for the Lakes Region," said MacRae. However, the idea would incubate for several years before he discussed it with Brenda Kean of the Laconia Historical and Museum Society, who thought it was a great concept and offered her assistance in reaching out to people and setting up appointments.

Kean and MacRae went together to interview the subjects, MacRae taking photos as they talked. "The interviews brought depth and a whole new dimension to the project," he said. "After the first photo session, I really realized how powerful and engaging that was. Catching the essence of the person was what I set out to do, and the conversation produced the rapport to do that."

As much as possible, MacRae and Kean interviewed people at their own homes or place of work, where they would be most comfortable, allowing MacRae to get more telling shots. He says that, when he is taking a photo, he wants people to think about the subject in the image, not the photographer behind the lens.

"I attended a seminar in New York where Gregory Heisler spoke," MacRae recalled, "and he talked about just that."

Explaining that the choice of people to include in the project tends to be a subjective decision, MacRae said, "Every conversation I had validated the reason I chose them to be included."

Nevertheless, MacRae was apprehensive about the project, wondering if the public would agree with his choices and "have the same warm and fuzzy feeling I have." However, when he gave a presentation at the Laconia Public Library, he was pleased by the response.
The "Faces of Laconia" portraits, which will be on display at the Belknap Mill through January, include Esther Peters, Paul Normandin, Betty Trask, Warren Bailey, Chris Adams, Gary Bloom, Mary Orton, Warren Huse, Bob Fortier, Sam Aldridge, Doug Whittum, John Bancroft, Merrill Fay, Penny Pitou, Warren Clement, Ann Dearborn Kaligian, Bud Martin, Larry Frates, and Peter Karagianis.

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