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Altrusa Club of Meredith Sponsors a Zienzele Night

MEREDITH — On Tuesday, October 29, the Altrusa International Club of Meredith sponsored a "Zienzele Night."

"Zienzele" refers to the Zienzele Foundation, an organization designed to support AIDS orphans and their caregivers in Zimbabwe, Africa. The evening, which took place at the Meredith Community Center, consisted of a dinner catered by Kevin's Cafe in Moultonborough, a presentation by Nancy Clark, co-founder and president of the Zienzele Foundation, and the sale of beautiful baskets made by Zimbabwean women.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation given by Nancy Clark, assisted by Zienzele Board Member, Jackie Simpson. Nancy told the story of how the organization came into being. She and Co-founder, Prisca Nemapare, a native of Zimbabwe, worked together on a maternal child health and nutrition research project, sponsored by Earthwatch in rural Zimbabwe. When Earthwatch could no longer continue its work, Nancy and Prisca decided to form an organization that would help children most in need in the area, AIDS orphans.

The Foundation's primary goal is to help the people in the area develop self-sustaining projects that generate food, funds for basic needs, and school fees for AIDS orphans. Some of these projects include creating vegetable gardens, sewing and selling school uniforms, and making and selling baskets. By far, the most successful project is the basket project. Zimbabwean women make baskets of varying sizes, colors, and designs using grass and sisal. The Zienzele Foundation buys the baskets, brings them back to the United States and sells them for a profit. All proceeds go back to Zimbabwe to pay school fees for AIDS orphans. Currently this project is providing educational opportunity for 800 orphans.

Members of the Meredith Altrusa Club were so moved by the plight of the Zimbabwean people and so inspired by the work of the Zienzele Foundation to assist them that they bought many of the beautiful baskets for sale. Estimated funds from the sale were approximate $1200. Also under consideration is the adoption of a child-headed family (a family in which children take care of siblings and if necessary disabled adults). For $300 a year, this program pays for school fees, school supplies, a quarterly box of food staples, and shipments of donated clothing.

Baskets will be available for purchase by the general public at the Meredith International Altrusa Club's Festival of Trees to be held at Waukewan Golf Club December 6-8.

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Franklin Elks Holding Benefit for Gina Nevin

FRANKLIN — A benefit for Gina Nevin is being held on Sunday, November 17 at the Elks Lodge in Franklin from 2-7 p.m.

There will be music, food and raffles and the benefit is open to the public. Children are welcome and the hall will be non-smoking. Tickets are available in advance or at the door for $10 per person and children under 10 are free.

Local businesses and individuals are asked to pitch in and help in making this event a success. Cash donations, gift certificates/cards or a gift basket with your company product will be accepted. All donations, big and small, are welcome.

Gina was severely injured in October 2009 when she was run over by an excavator. During the past four years, Gina has endured numerous mprocedures to repair the damage to her foot and leg. Most recently, she has had 3 surgeries in 10 weeks. On August 1,  had surgery to stretch her Achilles and remove hardware from a previous surgery. On October 14, she had knee surgery to remove "floating" cartilage and damaged cartliage on her knee capsule. Just one week later, on October 21, she had surgery on her foot in which they removed bones and replaced them with plates and pins.

This was a very invasive surgery with a lengthy healing process. Gina will need to learn to walk again and it will be approximately six months before physical therapy can begin. Doctors estimate that it will be a year before she is able to return to work.

Gina has been a resident of the area most of her life and has given tirelessly to anyone needing help. Now is the chance for the community to give back to one who will not ask for help and instead asks how she can help others.

Any monetary gifts can be made payable to ''Gina Nevin Benefit Fund'' and sent directly to Franklin Savings Bank, 387 Central Street, Franklin NH 03235.


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Film Festival Honors NH Veterans Nov. 14

TILTON — Vetflix and the New Hampshire Veterans Home invite the public to celebrate those who defended our freedom by attending a film festival to be held November 14 at the Home. Films will be shown in the Home's Town Hall with parking available in the back of the facility.

Two shows will be held featuring filmed interviews with vets who share their first-hand experience of service and going to war. At 3:30 p.m., veterans of World War II and the Korean War recount their tales in 'Honoring Our Oldest', providing attendees with insight into those wars and the personal impact they had. Then at 6:30 p.m. active duty members of the Navy Mobile Construction Battalions share what life is like serving in todays, post-911 military in 'SeabeeTV: Meet Today's Active Duty Seabees'.

These hour-long films give a unique glimpse into the human side of war, honoring the many through the stories of a few.

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Audubon Society Program on its First 100 Years


MOULTONBOROUGH — On Thursday, November 21 at 7 p.m. at the Loon Center in Moultonborough, the Lakes Region Chapter of the New Hampshire Audubon Society will present a program about "New Hampshire Audubon — The First 100 Years — The Musical.''

Join popular speaker Bob Quinn for an entertaining evening to celebrate the amazing story of the return of native wildlife from the brink of disaster, and the remarkably courageous people who did it. Quinn will introduce NH Audubon's first Superstar, Manley Townsend, who will share his vision of this compelling story which covers the wanton slaughter of all wildlife, the ugliest hats you have ever seen, plus the turbulent early years in the fight to protect native animals. A sneak preview of this fun production was recently presented at the NH Audubon Annual Meeting and the critics and critters were unanimous in agreeing that the show is a surefire hit.

Come see how our 2013 world is more like 1913 than you could ever imagine. They even had political idiocy back then. Quinn will blend humor with hard-hitting contemporary issues from now versus 100 years ago, and you will be amazed at the similarities, not to mention the similes.

The Loon Center is located on Lee's Mill Road; follow the signs on Blake Road from Route 25 near the Moultonborough Central School, or from Route 109 turn on to Lee Road and turn past The Woodshed on Lee's Mill Road. Refreshments will be served.

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