Huot Career & Technical Center qualifies for New Hampshire Scholars status

LACONA — The Huot Career and Technical Center in Laconia joins a select group of New Hampshire CTE centers whose programs qualify for New Hampshire Scholars status. New Hampshire Scholars recognizes students who demonstrate high levels of achievement in a rigorous program of study throughout their high school career.

The goal is to better prepare students for post-secondary and career success. New Hampshire is one of 24 states that offers some form of State Scholar program.

“We are thrilled to see so many young people accepting the challenge of NH Scholars and succeeding,” explains Scott Power, Director of the NH Scholars Initiative. “Since we began this initiative, there are more students choosing challenging classes like lab sciences, foreign languages and advanced math. Now with the inclusion of CTE Programs, we are able to expand the students’ ability to customize their course of study and still recognize them for it. These courses provide our graduates with a more competitive skill set and they are more likely to be admitted to the college of their choice and secure the career of their dreams.”
Students pursuing a New Hampshire Scholars program of study must take a minimum number of courses in the Sciences, Mathematics, Social Studies, English and Foreign Language. Based on this new recognition certain courses taken at the Huot Center will count towards meeting that requirement. Courses in Pre-Engineering, Health Science and Biotechnology will satisfy one of the science requirements for New Hampshire Scholars. Other programs such as Careers in Education, Business/Financial Management and Law Enforcement are also eligible to meet various academic requirements.

“With the majority of CTE students now pursuing post-secondary education, this is an important distinction for our students,” says Huot Director, David Warrender. “The opportunity to take a program at the Huot Center and continue pursuing a rigorous academic schedule will allow more students to participate in a career exploration activity during their high school career.” Laconia High School Principal Jim McCollum echoed those sentiments describing the collaboration as an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their college and career readiness and help shape their beliefs about their future educational opportunities.

The Huot Center offers thirteen different concentration areas and has an enrollment of approximately 480 students from across the Lakes Region. All six of the Huot Center’s partner high schools participate in the New Hampshire Scholars Program.

Lyme disease conference Saturday in Laconia

LACONIA — Lyme disease is the most significant public health threat of our time, and yet it goes undiagnosed and untreated for months, and often years. New England states have some of the highest incidence of Lyme disease in the country, and thousands of residents suffer each day from debilitating symptoms.

Join us for a day of discussion and discovery on Saturday, September 27, Noon – 5 pm at the Beane Conference Center.
Featured speaker are Daniel Cameron, MD, PHD; Lynn Durand, MD; Steve Clark, NP; Sheila Zakre, Attorney.
Open to the public. $5 donation suggested.

Guided tours of Meredith Sculpture Walk offered on Saturdays

MEREDITH — A Meredith Sculpture Walk group has been formed and will offer guided tours of the Meredith Sculpture Walk in Meredith on Saturdays at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. Tours will start on Saturday, September 27 and will meet in the Mill Falls Marketplace lower parking lot entrance off of Main Street. 

Sponsored by the Greater Meredith Program, the Meredith Sculpture Walk is committed to developing awareness and enjoyment of public art in Meredith for residents and visitors. It is a year-round, outdoor, juried exhibition featuring works by eighteen New England artists.
The Greater Meredith Program (GMP) is a nonprofit community economic development organization seeking to enhance economic vitality, historical and cultural heritage, and town-wide beautification. Organizations, clubs and school groups may be scheduled by appointment by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling 279-9015.