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Gilmanton Holding Baseball, Softball Sign Ups

GILMANTON — GYO (Gilmanton Youth Organization) will be having baseball, softball and t-ball sign-ups the following dates:

March 5 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Gilmanton School Gym. This will also be a open gym time to warm up those arms, so bring your glove.
March 10 from 6:30-7 p.m. in the Gilmanton School Gym during Basketball Wrap-Ups
March 14 from 6:30-7 p.m. pm during PTA Family Luau.

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Campaign underway to dedicate Belmont field to former superintendent

BELMONT — A fundraising campaign is currently being conducted in support of constructing a sign to dedicate the soccer field at Belmont High School to former Superintendent Michael Cozort. The field is being dedicated to Cozort as the result of action at last year's Shaker Regional School District Annual Meeting, which saw a near unanimous vote for the dedication in respect for the various contributions that Michael Cozort made to the District for many years. 

The small committee working on this project includes Principal Daniel Clary, community members Gerry Ryder, Ray Craigie, Pret Tuthill, Tom Goulette, and Bill Hart, with Bob Reed and Sean Embee representing the school board. Together the group has begun to work on the design, wording, and location of the sign. The sign will be similar in style to the signs at the entrance of Belmont High School, smaller in size, and will be constructed in early spring. The estimated cost of the project is approximately $3,500. This money must be raised through fundraisers, as the motion passed included a stipulation that no public funds were to be used to construct the sign.

Contributions are welcome and checks can be made out to SRSD - Cozort Field Fund and sent to Belmont High School, 255 Seavy Road, Bemont. For more information contact Daniel Clary, BHS Principal, at 267-6525.

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History-Sharing Event Proves Extremely Popular

LACONIA — The Share Fair, an exhibition of family and community memorabilia at the Belknap Mill on Feb. 15, proved to be a big draw, with the third-floor function room packed with people coming to see the many displays and to exchange information.

The event, sponsored by the Family History Initiative, a joint project between the Laconia Historical and Museum Society and the Belknap Mill, featured displays of journals, letters, photographs, postcards, advertising, and handiwork. In addition to family memorabilia, there were historical displays by Lakes Region General Hospital, the Masons, and Proctor's Lakeside Cottages, among others.

A planned discussion and Q&A got called off because of the level of communication taking place at the individual booths which filled the main function room and circled around the kitchen at the rear of the Rose Chertok Gallery. The exchanges allowed people to make connections between their personal histories and even put some in touch with relatives they were unaware of having.

Not only did the displays show a history that many had forgotten; some collectors found objects they did not know existed, such as a toy trolley that was a replica of those made by the Laconia Streetcar Company.

Displays ranged from handiwork — quilts, clothing, and objects — to examples of manufacturing and printing. There was even a historical portrayal, as "Lucy Philbrick Sanborn" appeared in period dress: Born in 1795, she married Jonathan Sanborn in 1814 and they settled on property his family owned — and which remains in the family today.

The Family History Initiative serves to help people retrieve, preserve, and share family and community history. The initiative grew out of the positive response to a Mill presentation derived from historical journals and the continuing interest people have in history, especially as it pertains to their family, their friends, and their community.

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New Hampshire State Forest Nursery Accepting Orders

BOSCAWEN —  The New Hampshire State Forest Nursery continues to accept orders for bare-root tree and shrub seedlings for delivery in spring 2014.

Now in its 104th year, the nursery distributes an average of over 300,000 seedlings annually, mostly to New Hampshire landowners and residents. Originally established in 1910 to provide seedlings for reforestation, the program has expanded to include seedling sales for Christmas tree planting stock and conservation uses such as windbreaks, gravel bank reclamation, wetland plantings, native plant species and wildlife and songbird habitat. The State Forest Nursery has a reputation of producing a product of the highest quality for a reasonable price.

More than forty species of tree and shrub seedlings are available this year including 13 conifers (pine, spruce, fir), 3 hardwood trees (maple, walnut) and 25 species of deciduous shrubs. Five packages of mixed seedlings are also available, including the winter survival package which contains plants that produce fruit that will remain on the plant into the winter months, providing a valuable food source for wildlife above deep snow cover. The snow pack in a normal New Hampshire winter makes such food sources invaluable to the survival of many the State's wildlife and songbird populations when deep snow prevents the animals from foraging on the forest floor.

All of the seedlings sold at the nursery are grown from seed in the nursery seedbeds. "We collect as much of our seed as possible from local sources to ensure our seedlings are well adapted to New Hampshire climate and soils" said nursery forester Howie Lewis. "People interested in purchasing seedlings from the nursery should order them soon. We often sell out quickly of our more popular species, especially Christmas tree planting stock like Balsam and Fraser fir. We have an excellent inventory of both Balsam and Fraser this year, but they often do sell out before spring."

Seedlings were traditionally sold in quantities of 100 or more. Today, they are sold in as little as 10 per package to accommodate landowners with less planting space. Prices range from as much as $1.50 each in a package of 10 to as little as about thirty cents each for larger quantities. To request a catalog contact the Division of Forests and Lands at 271-2214. For more information visit the nursery on the web at, www.nhnursery.com or stop by the nursery facilities located on Route 3 in Boscawen. The nursery is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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