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Dr. Jonathan Lee of Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists Awarded Leadership Award

GILFORD —  The Arthritis Foundation bestowed to Dr. Jonathan Lee the Major Gift Leadership Award at its annual meeting on November 22 in Nashville, Tennessee. The award is among the Arthritis Foundation's prestigious volunteer awards that honor those who have made major contributions to the Foundation's mission and values.

Dr. Lee, an Orthopaedic Specialist with Advanced Orthopaedic Specialists (AOS), a department of LRGHealthcare, secured a $1 million gift for the Arthritis Foundation to fund a grant that could revolutionize future treatment for osteoarthritis and ignite a new era in drug discovery.

The $1 million donation was given by Drs. Henry and Marsha Laufer, long-time friends of Dr. Lee who also have backgrounds in science and technology. The Laufers each have osteoarthritis (OA), and were familiar with Dr. Lee's previous research using MRI to study worsening arthritis in guinea pigs.

"It was a perfect confluence of things coming together," says Dr. Lee. "Henry and Marsha wanted to learn more about the Foundation's goals and priorities. We had this very compelling ACL initiative that dovetailed so well with my previous research and needed funding, so it was easy for me to call them and share my excitement about it."

Dr. Lee asserts that the space between the Foundation's goals and the contributions needed to achieve them shortens when there is an understanding of the potential for achievement. "We need more people who are equally willing to understand our goals, to appreciate what it will cost to achieve them, and to provide the support that will enable the subsequent, necessary steps to take place," emphasized Dr. Lee.

The study will use MRI technology to look at ACL tears in the knee, a major risk factor for developing OA, and potentially discover tools and treatments to detect and reverse OA before symptoms ever appear. This could alter the course of the disease, preventing thousands of cases of post-traumatic arthritis that are diagnosed each year.

The Arthritis Foundation is committed to raising awareness and reducing the unacceptable impact of this serious and painful disease, which can severely damage joints and rob people of living life to its fullest.

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Winter programs starting at Prescott Farm

LACONIA — Prescott Farm is kicking off its Winter Program series on Saturday, January 4, 2014. Snowshoe Fitness Walks, Adventure Hikes and Sledding Parties are just some of the programs being offered.

Every Saturday from January 4th through February 8th these programs will take place. Snowshoe Fitness Walks begin at 9 a.m. and are faster/fitness paced for adults. Snowshoe Adventure Hikes start at 11 a.m. and are slower paced for all ages. Sledding Parties begin at 1 p.m.

Full Moon Snowshoe Walks will be held on Thursday, January 16 and the other on Friday, February 14 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Programs that require snowshoes, snowshoe rental is included in the program fee. Members of Prescott Farm get a free snowshoe rental.

"If you have never tried snowshoeing, Prescott Farm is the perfect place to start," says Kimberly Drouin, The farm's Director of Marketing & Administration. The groups are small and the staff are great. They take the time to help you get started and make sure you have the best experience possible.

Registration is required for all of the programs and they fill up quickly. To register for one or more of these programs call 366-5695. For more information about these programs including pricing, please visit www.prescottfarm.org.

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Dentist's 'Operation Gratitude' sent candy to troops

GILFORD — Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region is excited to announce the success of their patients' and the Lakes Regions' participation and support for Operation Gratitude. On November 5th, Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region encouraged their patients and the local community to drop off their donations of Halloween candy. For everyone pound of Halloween candy donated, Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region paid $1.

Operation Gratitude seeks to put a smile on a service member's face and express our nation's appreciation by sending care packages and letters personally addressed to U.S. Military deployed in harm's way, their children left behind, Military families in crisis, Wounded Warriors recovering in transition units and First Responders assisting with natural disasters and humanitarian relief.

Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region collected and shipped 128 pounds of candy to Operation Gratitude with the efforts of 33 participants and received $31 back from many children for the benefit of the 2013 WLNH Children's Auction.

Jayda Glines and Michele Loyer put together their own Operation Gratitude at Lakeland School and collected a total of 26 pounds that they dropped off at Children's Dentistry of the Lakes Region. Although the girls were awarded $26, they donated $20 of their earnings to the WLNH Children's Auction.

Learn more by visiting childrensdentistnh.com or check out our Facebook Page.

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MVSB purchases tax credits from Land Trust

LACONIA — Meredith Village Savings Bank has provided critical support to the Laconia Area Community Land Trust's (LACLT) tax credit campaign to upgrade its properties by purchasing $40,000 in tax credits from the nonprofit. New Hampshire's Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA) recently awarded LACLT $500,000 in tax credits to sell to businesses (statewide, more than $4.1 million was recently awarded through the CDFA Tax Credit Program).

"MVSB's relationship with the Laconia Area Community Land Trust has grown naturally out of our common commitment to community development and financial education," said Sam Laverack, Meredith Village Savings Bank President and CEO. "We are so pleased to be able to provide this additional support to aid in their efforts to provide high quality, affordable housing across the Lakes Region."

"We enjoy a terrific partnership with Meredith Village Savings Bank. It is a wonderful local bank which has long supported important community projects, including ours. We are very grateful for all their support and for their purchase of these credits," said LACLT Executive Director Linda Harvey.

LACLT, which is celebrating 20 years of developing permanently affordable housing in the Greater Lakes Region, is working on a Portfolio Strengthening Initiative for its earliest properties, which for years have provided safe, well-managed homes for hundreds of people while increasing property values and tax revenue. Because LACLT remains committed to preserving these permanently affordable community assets, the aging units need a capital infusion to position them for success for the next two decades.

The Tax Credit Program enables businesses to donate to LACLT in exchange for a state tax credit that can be applied against the New Hampshire business profits, business enterprise, or insurance premium taxes. The actual out-of-pocket expense is less than 11% after allowable State and Federal deductions. Tax credits can be purchased to benefit LACLT now through June 30, 2015 and can be used on payment or during a five-year period following purchase.

Proceeds from the sales will be used to upgrade 60 units of LACLT's permanently affordable rental housing, many of which are showing significant wear and tear. For more information about purchasing tax credits from LACLT in support of their Portfolio Strengthening Initiative contact Hope Jordan at 603-524-0747, or visit www.laclt.org.

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