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Happy Tails Informational Meeting at Tardif Park

LACONIA — Happy Tails Dog Park of the Lakes Region will be having an informational meeting at Tardif Park Friday, March 21, at 6:30 p.m.

The board meeting will be focused on our upcoming Theater Night on March 22, as well as 2014 planning for the fundraising to complete the next stage in approval for the city owned location at 55 Growtth Road. This next stage will require a full scale permit acceptable design drawing which includes the completion of a land survey, wetlands survey, and the official engineered plan before going back before returning to request final approval from the city of Laconia and finally breaking ground.

Happy Tails Dog Park of the Lakes Region is a 501(c) 3 non- profit organization founded in 2008 with the objective of serving as a resource for pet families to build strong, whole-family foundations.

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Your Personal Errand Service Provides Peace of Mind for Those Needing Assistance

LACONIA — As an eighteen year resident of the Lakes Region, Marge Wooley came to realize there was a real need for someone to help people with everyday tasks. Individuals are often housebound due to physical limitations of age, injury or illness, or simply too busy in their professional lives to get everything done. In response to this issue Wooley recently founded Your Personal Errand Service, LLC.
Among the many services offered, Wooley will personally pick up groceries, mail packages, return library books, go to the pharmacy or any number of other errands to and from homes and businesses within the communities of Laconia, Gilford, Belmont or Tilton. She'll even take your dog or cat to the veterinarian for you. As the Daytime Supervisor at Lakes Region Pet Resort for two years and an avid animal lover, Wooley is always eager to provide pets with love and attention.
Your Personal Errand Service, LLC also offers companionship to those seeking someone to visit and play games with a loved one who is alone during the day. "A lot of people feel torn because they have to be at work while a senior parent is by themselves all day. They realize that it can be very isolating and lonely. I provide periods of camaraderie to break up the monotony and offer the adult child some peace of mind", states Wooley.
In addition, she offers assistance with meal planning and preparation. Main courses and soups can be frozen to use over a period of time. She'll even sit with seniors when they have a need for a repairman or utility provider to come to their home. "It can be frightening for seniors to allow a perfect stranger into their home while they're alone. I sit with them, keeping them company and offering a feeling of safety during this uncomfortable time".
She extends this service to busy professionals as well. They often find it challenging to be available to let service providers into their home during working hours; especially when there is usually no way to know the exact time they will arrive. Wooley waits for them at the residence, stays during the house call and makes sure the home is locked up properly when the work is complete.

Wooley is fully insured and references are available. She carries with her at all times a Criminal Record Authorization Clearance provided by the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of State Police. "I don't want anyone to have to assume I am an honest, law abiding member of the community. I am happy to show proof and am not offended in the least when asked. There is too much at stake with the care of loved ones and personal property". To see a full list of services provided, go to www.yourpersonalerrandservice.com or call 603-556-7440.

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Soda Shoppe hosts St Patrick's themed lunch and paint-along

 LACONIA — The Soda Shoppe is happy to announce a Lunch/Paint Along with a St Patrick's Day theme this Saturday, March 15 from noon- 3 p.m.

The Laconia Downtown institution is reserving it's backroom for a creative experience with fellow Downtown business owner and artist, Larry Frates, who has been offering these classes at local restaurants for over 5 years. Because of space requirements participation will be limited to 12 participants who will, for the $25 fee, receive a special St Patrick's Day lunch, all the materials for a completed painting of Ireland, the instruction by the LRPA artist, and the fun that is expected at a Frates event.

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Taylor Director of Dining Services Hopes to Win Upcoming Food Fight

LACONIA — In just over a week one of Taylor's own will be hundreds of miles away embroiled in a fight. Luckily Amanda Cobern will enter that confrontation armed with an arsenal. Her executive chef background will serve her well as she takes on "The Food Fight." Sponsored by Kraft Foods and Morrison Food Services, the competition pits two East Coast chefs against two West Coast chefs.

Amanda was recently chosen to represent her region – consisting of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island – in the upcoming challenge.

In order to win the semi-finals, Taylor's Director of Dining Services was tasked with taking three Kraft products along with a "mystery basket" of other foods and preparing two dishes within 70 minutes. Amanda knew ahead of time the three products would be A-1 Steak Sauce, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and Gray Poupon Mustard.

"The cream cheese was the hardest thing to work with," she said. She tried to think about different applications she could tweak when the time came.

"Seventy minutes seems like a lot of time, but once you get working, it goes pretty fast," she said. She finished with just 34 seconds to spare. Amanda's first creation was Beet Napoleon. She sliced and seasoned beets, layering them with cream cheese, herbs and crispy bacon over an arugula salad with Grey Poupon vinaigrette.

The second round of fare was roasted pork tenderloin with A-1 seasoning. The pork was sliced thin with an A-1 barbecue and placed over risotto made with coconut milk, cream cheese and ginger over wilted spinach with mustard vinaigrette.

"I couldn't believe it when they called my name," she said happily. Amanda heads to San Diego to compete in the March 19 finals. "We know we'll be using the same three Kraft products for the finals, but we have no idea what the other components will be."

Having never been to California, she's excited to be visiting the West Coast and plans to take a few extra days to meet up with family members. The competition will take place in the Sony Building, part of the Compass Group, which owns Morrison.

Asked if she had a "food philosophy," Amanda said, "When you like to cook, you have a style you tend to revert to. I enjoy Asian food, so I go to that."

Her children, 11-year-old Robbie and 8-year-old Pearl, are opposites when it comes to their food tastes. "Pearl likes mac and cheese and simple things," she said. "Robbie is more of a food critic and enjoys the occasional foie gras."

Amanda said the finals will be streamed on the Web so her family, friends, staff and Taylor residents can watch. "My staff is a huge part of what I do. Each one of the 24 people is different and unique and all combine to make a winning team," she said.

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