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Gilford Library to host wildlife guide presentation

GILFORD — On Thursday, September 18 at 6:30 pm, the Gilford Public Library will host a presentation by Wildlife Guide Robin Dublin.

She will share her experiences and photographs from a summer spent at Alaska's world famous McNeil River Game Sanctuary, where the largest annual gathering of brown bears congregates to fish for salmon. At the height of the salmon season, visitors can sit 15-20 feet away from 900 pound brown bears as they fish, sleep and interact with other bears. It is common in July to see 40-60 bears at a time.

Visiting McNeil River is a very special opportunity only given to ten visitors a day through a special lottery permitting system that the state has managed since 1973. Those lucky enough to win a permit fly to the sanctuary, camp in bear country and view bears for four days on the remote Alaska Peninsula. Robin was one of these lucky people.

Robin is visiting her mom, Gloria Dublin who is a mainstay at the Knit Wits Knitting Club at the Gilford Library. Robin is giving this presentation in honor of her mom's 80th birthday. This presentation is free and open to the public.

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May Garden hosting fund raiser for Franklin Boys & Girls Club

FRANKLIN — People can enjoy lunch or dinner at the May Garden Chinese restaurant on Sunday, September 14 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. to help support the Boys and Girls Club of Franklin.

The May Garden Chinese Restaurant will donate 20 percent of all sales, take out or eat in,  to the Boys and Girls Club of Franklin.


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Adult Education SAT Prep Class starts on Sept. 24

LACONIA — Laconia Adult Education will be offering an SAT (College Board) Preparation Class beginning on Wednesday, September 24 for seven weeks. The SAT Preparation Classes are scheduled to end on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 in time for the SAT Exam that is scheduled to be given on Saturday, November 8. 

The SAT Preparation Classes are designed to help students score better on the mathematics, reading comprehension and written essay sections of the SAT Exam. The SAT Exam will test subject areas that students have learned throughout four years of high school. Emphasis will be placed on three segments: reading, writing and arithmetic. A perfect score on the SAT Exam is 2400. 

The writing section will be divided between multiple choice questions on grammar and style and an essay students must write on an assigned topic. In the past, the SAT Exam had been strictly multiple choices. The SAT Exam now is becoming a test of critical reading, comprehensive writing and higher mathematics in addition to a test of learned skills that you use to reason. Students will improve problem solving skills involving basic math, Algebra, Algebra II and Geometry. Emphasis will also be placed on helping the student score better on the written essay portion of the exam. The SAT Preparation classes will also help to prepare the students for the different types of questions asked, when to guess at a question, and how to pace oneself so as to not run out of time. Test taking tips will also be given. The skills required by the new SAT are those same skills needed by all high school students today.

For more information or to enroll in the SAT Preparation Class, the student should contact Peggy Selig, Director, Laconia Adult Education at 524-5712.

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"Closing the Grand Hotel" exhibit at The Studio

LACONIA — Living in the Lakes Region, many people understand the ritual of "closing up" after the season. On Sunday, September 14 from noon to 4 pm at The Studio, 50 Canal St. in Laconia, the public is invited to the closing reception for Evelyn Lamprey's photography exhibit "Closing the Grand Hotel".

The images capture the opulence of the historic hotel, located on Mackinaw Island in Michigan, and at the same time the poignancy of the end of the season, with a hint of the pedestrian nature of the process - the elastic edge of a contour sheet hanging off a polished table, an employee standing on a chair to cover a painting.

Lamprey's eye is impeccable, and the color and composition of the photographs are enhanced by gold bamboo frames that would be perfectly at home at the Grand Hotel. The exhibit is also extended off the wall by draped furniture in the gallery window and in the shop. One feels immersed in the sense of closure and ending, yet buoyed by the beauty of the photography.

Gallery owner Melissa McCarthy encourages people who attend to interact with the artist to ask questions and make observations. There will be light refreshment, and the shop is open during the event. For more information, call The Studio at 603-455-8008.

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