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Blue Moon film available at Laconia Public Library

LACONIA — The Laconia Human Relations Committee in cooperation with the Laconia Public Library offers the Philippine film Blue Moon as a part of the Laconia International Film Series collection. Films are shown monthly through-out the year at the Laconia Public Library from September through June. During the summer months two films are offered for public viewing that would not qualify under library copyright rules for public showing.
In Blue Moon, Manuel Pineda is ill and has only six months to live. However, there is one thing left in his life that he wants to do: find a lost love, his beloved. His family has its own problems. His son, Rod, is still mourning his wife's death, while Rod's son, Kyle, has recently been dumped by his wife, Peggy. Grandfather, son, and grandson are all searching or grieving for lost loves.
Manuel's lost love pre-dated World War II, so it is a long shot in 2005 to find her when his health is failing. Manuel's son and grandson reluctantly decide to help Manuel even after finding out that it is the woman that broke up their family they will be searching for.
Through flash-backs the lives of the three men begin to be uncovered, starting in the 1930's and into WWII and the Bataan Death March. Lives and loves are lost and found.
The title and background music are based on the well-known song of the 1940's, Blue Moon. "Blue moon, You saw me standing alone, Without a dream in my heart....etc."
Blue Moon joins previous films shown as a part of this series. They are displayed on a designated shelf at the Laconia Public Library as a part of their DVD collection. Library patrons are urged to visit this collection in the library. This is the first of two movies to be added in August to the library collection.
The Laconia Human Relations Committee is a committee of the mayor of Laconia dedicated to expanding our horizons for the appreciation of the diversity found among us and in the wider world. For more information, contact Len Campbell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Carol Pierce at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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Laconia Historical & Museum Society to host program on Pickett’s Charge on Monday

LACONIA - Laconia Historical and Museum Society will hold its August Lecture Program entitled "Pickett's Charge" on Monday, August 18, which will be presented by Civil War expert Dave Decker. The Lecture program will be held at The Laconia Public Library at 7 pm in Rotary Hall.

The Battle of Gettysburg took place in Pennsylvania on July 1, 2 and 3, 1863. The Confederates had 71,000 troops on the ground; the Union had 91,000 troops. On the third day, Major General George Pickett was given field command to lead 13,000 Confederates in a charge against Union Forces across a field that varied in width from ¾ mile to 1 ½ miles.

The Confederates marched in parade formation across most of the field. At 200 yards, the concealed Union cannons, in the middle, opened fire. At 52 yards, the Confederates began running in their charge. The Union line held and only 4,500 of the original 13,000 returned to the rest of the Confederate army.

The ancient method of open fire charges had been rendered obsolete.

"Dave Decker has a way of recounting Civil War events in a way that you will not soon forget ... his research and presentation never fail to impress" says Brenda Kean, Executive Director of LHMS.

This lecture is free and open to the public. For more information about this lecture program contact the Laconia Historical and Museum Society at 603-527-1278, email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on the web at www.laconiahistorical.org.

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Veterans Home Residents Honored for Efforts

TILTON —  The Governor and Executive Council Meeting was held last week at the Inn on Newfound Lake in Bridgewater hosted by District One Councilor Joe Kenney. At the meeting several people were chosen for special recognition by the Governor and Council. Several people were given proclamations by the Governor.

Two women honored, Patricia Ramey and Anna Jean Munt, are co-recipients of the New Hampshire Veterans Home's 2014 Charles Safford Award, an annual recognition of a resident or residents of the Home who have displayed acts of caring for and advocating for others during the preceding year. The award, named in honor of the late Charles "Charlie" Safford, a former president of the Home's Resident Council, acknowledges the personal time and efforts donated selflessly for improving the quality of life for others.

Both of this year's recipients were nominated by their fellow residents for their contributions above and beyond expectations for individuals living in a long-term care setting. The Governor was happy to also recognize their service with a proclamation on Tuesday.

Pat Ramey delivers – daily, circulating around the building to bring the day's mail and newspapers to fellow residents, a task that brings her to the front desk sometimes several times a day. Pat, an Army veteran of the Vietnam conflict who came to the Home in January, 2013, also tries to meet every new resident and offers to show them the Home's many different areas and the wide variety of activities available.

Anna Jean Munt, who served in the Navy during Vietnam and entered the Home in October, 2013, is always looking out for others, making sure they have what they need, like a sweater for the cold. She's also a great help to the staff, assisting her peers in getting ready for meals in the dining room and aiding with the transportation of less-mobile residents to the activities they enjoy.

The actions of both go to the heart of the Safford Award, emulating Charlie Safford's great acts of kindness, dedication and advocacy with his peers, with the Home's staff, and with others throughout the community.
Pat and Anna Jean received certificates honoring their contributions during a presentation at the monthly Commandant's Update in June, a monthly gathering where Commandant Margaret "Peggy" LaBrecque welcomes new residents and staff and fills residents in on any challenges or issues facing the Home. Now they can add to that a photo with the Governor and an official Proclamation.

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Covered bridges of N.H. presentation on Wednesday

LACONIA — The Lake Winnipesaukee Museum is presenting the program "Covered Bridges of New Hampshire" featuring Glenn Knoblock on Wednesday, August 13 at 7 p.m. 

Covered wooden bridges have been a vital part of the NH transportation network, dating back to the early 1800s. Given NH's myriad streams, brooks, and rivers, it's unsurprising that 400 covered bridges have been documented. Often viewed as quaint relics of a simpler past, they were technological marvels of their day. It may be native ingenuity and NH's woodworking tradition that account for the fact that a number of nationally-noted covered bridge truss designers were NH natives. Knoblock discusses covered bridge design and technology, and their designers, builders, and associated folklore. 

Knoblock has a B.A. in History, Bowling Green State University; independent scholar and author of twelve books and over 70 articles; author and historian on projects relating to Northern New England bridges, New Hampshire history and African American military history; serving as the main military contributor to Harvard and Oxford University's landmark African American Biography Project.

This event is free and is made possible by a grant from the New Hampshire Humanities Council. To RSVP call 366-5950.

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