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2014 Squam Watershed Report has been published

HOLDERNESS — The Squam Lakes Association (SLA) announced that the 2014 Squam Watershed Report has been published. The Report combines the efforts of numerous conservation organizations and examines the results of decades of data and study on the Squam Lakes including water quality, fish populations, invasive species, boat traffic, and loon populations.

The health of our lakes and watershed is of vital importance to our culture, economy, and environment. Studies indicate that invasive species, water quality and the state of natural resources directly impact property values and important tourist revenue in local and state economies. Regular monitoring and assessment in the Squam Watershed provide the necessary tools and information for the Squam Lakes Association (SLA) and the Squam community to actively protect this valuable resource and maintain its pristine nature.

In 2013, the Squam Lakes Association published the first Squam Watershed Report. This document gathered the results of decades of study on Squam – water quality, loons, fisheries, boat counts, and invasive plant management – to paint a picture of health of the watershed. This first report examined the rich history of data collected on the lake and in the watershed. In 2014, as in subsequent years, we are narrowing our focus to data collected in 2013, all while keeping the historical context and important trends in mind.

In 2014 color codes for each parameter easily identify the state the resource. Water quality and the warmwater fishery in Squam are considered healthy. Loons on Squam are considered to be an impaired population. The state of variable milfoil on both lakes is fair. It is still present, yet we are seeing success in our management activities. Milfoil in the Squam River is affecting the system to the point of impairment.

To learn more, or to get a copy of the 2014 Squam Watershed, visit the SLA website (squamlakes.org), or contact the SLA directly (603-968-7336; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

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Crock pot buffet dinner on Thursday to benefit local young woman

LACONIA — The Faith Alive Christian Fellowship Hall will be hosting "A Dollar A Dip" crock pot buffet on Thursday evening to benefit Morgan Corliss, a 20 year-old Franklin resident who is preparing to receive a kidney transplant at Children's Hospital, where a donor swap has been arranged.

Corliss lives in Franklin with her mother and 15 year-old sister. The intense care and frequent trips to the hospital have made it difficult for Caryn, Morgan's mother, to work in order to keep up with the bills. To help, supporters organized the crock pot buffet, which will be held from 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 6.

Attendees to the fund raiser will be asked to donate a dollar for each "dip", or serving from the wide array of crock pot dishes, which have been provided by the best cooks from several local churches and organizations. There will also be salads, breads, rolls and desserts. A silent auction will also be held, featuring 57 baskets each filled with gifts.

Joanne Fuller, Corliss's grandmother, said, "To choose life is a very brave and courageous decision for this bright, articulate young lady. Many prayers have gone forth."

For more information, or to find out how to make a donation, call Joanne and Dave Fuller at (603) 630-9223.

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Plymouth American Legion/VFW Receives Extreme Makeover

 PLYMOUTH — The Plymouth American Legion/VFW has a whole new look and expanded services for veterans thanks to an extreme renovation led by community volunteers and Tilton Home Depot.

The project to renovate the decades-old building at 16 Main Street was made possible through a $10,000 grant from Home Depot, a $10,000 matching grant from The Bridge House in Plymouth and a $35,000 award from USDA Rural Development.

Volunteers from Team Depot as well as community leaders including CCI Construction, Reiss Construction, Construx, Plymouth Rotarians, Alex Ray and volunteers from The Common Man, and other local residents pitched in to make the building improvements.

Cathy Bentwood, executive director of The Bridge House, said the rehabilitation of the building makes it worthy of the United States veterans who gather there. Bentwood said the property also houses counseling services for those who have served our country, which are offered every Wednesday from noon until 7 p.m.

Part of the building is also used for the BH Ladders Thrift Shop, which is a job training and revenue resource for the Bridge House Homeless Shelter, said Bentwood.

"We want to give a huge shout out to Nanette Carpenter and all of the construction volunteers from the Tilton Home Depot who led the charge on the extreme makeover of the American Legion/VFW in Plymouth," said Bentwood.

Details regarding Veterans Programs at the Plymouth American Legion/VFW can be found on The Bridge House web site at TBHshelter.org.

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Brooklyn-based Miss Tess and the Talkbacks to perform at the Silver Center

PLYMOUTH — The Silver Center for the Arts at Plymouth State University presents Brooklyn-based Miss Tess and the Talkbacks at 8 p.m. November 7 in Hanaway Theatre.

Miss Tess and her multifaceted supporting band have developed a style that is simultaneously refreshing and hauntingly familiar with a sound and genre that is hard to describe. In their earlier incarnation, they were known as Miss Tess and the Bon Ton Parade, but Miss Tess says that was too confusing. They were consistently mistaken for a zydeco band or a New Orleans band.

While in Boston, Miss Tess' group was nominated for Boston Music Awards in the categories of folk, roots and jazz, a testament to their wide appeal and musicality. "When I conceived of the band in Boston back in 2006 or so, we had a horn player and we were a little more jazz influenced," she says. "In the last couple of years, the sound has evolved, something that naturally happens when you spend so much time on the road with a band. We've become slightly edgier and there is some more country and early rock n' roll coming through.

Their newest album, The Love I Have for You, is an album of covers that match their unique style from a diverse roster of artists such as Neil Young, Randy Newman, Willie Nelson and Bonnier Raitt. The title track, composed by Miss Tess, proves she can hold her own with this impressive group both in writing and performing.

Miss Tess and the Talkbacks have been opening for Lake Street Dive recently. In fact, Tess and Lake Street Dive lead singer Rachel Price have been roommates since 2005. The two acts share roots from New England Conservatory in Boston.

Matt Robert wrote in Worcester Magazine, "Both singers share an understated, polished stage presence and lusty nightclub vibe. ... Tess and company, however, seems to use vintage as less of a prop and really dig in on some old country-jazz, country-swing and country-rock and roll styles. ...it's got a lot of influences in traditional American sounds, but it's fresh, current music. These guys cook!"

Tickets for the concert are $30 for adults, $28 for seniors and $15 for youth at the Silver Center Box Office, (603) 535-2787 or (800) 779-3869. Tickets are also available online at silver.plymouth.edu.

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