Gilmanton Residents Free Math and Reading Help Available

GILMANTON  — The Adult Tutorial and Adult Learning Services Program for Belknap County is starting a new tutoring program to help adult learners in the Gilmanton area. The goal is to help adults improve their math and reading skills, prepare to take the HiSET Exam or learn to speak English. Bill Foster, a Gilmanton resident, is offering to tutor adults on a one-to one basis. There is no typical adult learner, everyone has the ability to learn.

The ability to read and write does not necessarily indicate the lack of intelligence. Many non-readers are intelligent and very creative in finding ways to compensate for their lack of being able to read. As one student commented "I don't have trouble thinking. My trouble is just reading." Adult learners differ from children in terms of their range of life experiences, personalities, habits, attitudes and interests. Most adult learners know what they want from an education and have rich personal experiences on which to build, and can be motivated to learn. Adult learners are not blank slates. They need the help of a volunteer tutor to encourage them to use the adaptability and creativity that they have demonstrated in other areas of their lives in order to develop good Math and Reading skills in order to achieve their life goals.

For more information Bill Foster can be contacted at 267-6874. The tutoring sessions will be held at the Gilmanton Year Round Library. This is a wonderful opportunity for adult learners to take advantage of this super opportunity to improve their math and reading skills. There is no need to feel embarrassed or self–conscious in asking for help to improve one's life and obtain gainful employment. Additional information can also be obtained by contacting Peggy Selig at the Laconia Adult Education Office at 524-5712. Improved literacy can make a huge difference in the lives of adult learners