Meredith Sculpture Walk Installs Two More Sculptures


MEREDITH — Sponsored by the Greater Meredith Program, the Meredith Sculpture Walk is committed to developing awareness and enjoyment of public art for residents and visitors. It is a year-round, outdoor, juried exhibition featuring works by eighteen New England artists.

Seven sculptures have been installed so far of the twenty four that are planned to be positioned throughout town in high visibility areas along Main Street, on the grounds of the Mill Falls complex and in the Hesky and Scenic lakeside parks.

Two of the most recently installed are Toe Dancer in Hesky Park by sculptor John Bonsignore from Redding, CT. Constructed in stainless steel it depicts a graceful ballet dancer. His work has been exhibited and collected both nationally and internationally.

American Dog by sculptor Dale Rogers from Haverhill, MA is on the corner of Lake and Main St. Rogers says that "when I started to contemplate the idea of creating a large-scale public art exhibit, my American Dog made the most sense for choice of sculpture. Historically, dogs have made positive and lasting impressions with people and I hoped that my sculptures and the exhibit would do the same. The American Dog has proven to be my strongest and most iconic sculpture to date. The profile of the dog is very much of a mixed breed but I have had many people tell me it looks exactly like their particular breed of dog. It strikes a strong emotional pull with many clients."

The sculptures will remain on display for up to two years, a percentage of which will be refreshed periodically. Each work will have a plaque which includes the name of the sculpture and the artist's name and contact information.

The idea for a Meredith Sculpture Walk project was conceived in the fall of 2012 with sculptural additions to the Courtyard on Main Street. The park, created and designed by the Design Committee of the Greater Meredith Program, offers residents and visitors a place to sit and enjoy works of art. An expansion of this project resulted in the creation of the Meredith Sculpture Walk.

Brochures with a walking map will be available when all the sculptures are installed by the beginning of July. An opening ceremony and walk are planned for July 28.