Meredith Legion Post hosting meat bingo event to help ‘Send an old marine back to Iwo Jima’

MEREDITH — The American Legion Post 33 in Meredith is hosting a Meat Bingo event on Saturday June 14, at 3 p.m. at the Post at 6 Plymouth Street in Meredith. The event is sponsored by the American Legion.
The purpose for this benefit is to send Jack back to Iwo Jima. Jack is a 90 year old Marine veteran who made five amphibious landings on the Japanese held Pacific islands during WWII. Jack came through it all alive against great odds. He put the war behind him, married, built a home, raised a family, but he always wanted to go back and pay tribute to the many brothers in arms he left in the Far East.

Jack cannot afford the trip himself, being on a pension with his wife in in constant care facility. The trip is planned for August 2015 and since Jack is in fine health he should have no trouble making it. Lee Marvin's widow will be on the same trip. We need to raise approximately $8,000 more of the $10,000 total for the trip. You can also go to and search for "Send an old marine back to Iwo Jima".