100% Pass Rate for Huot LNA Students for 4th straight year

LACONIA — For an unprecedented fourth consecutive year, the Huot Career and Technical Center has earned a 100% pass rate on the state Licensed Nurse Assistant (LNA) examination.

This year sixteen students from schools across the Lakes Region took part in the Nurse Assistant program at the Huot Center. The program prepares students for a variety of health careers with the Nursing Assistant (NA) curriculum being a cornerstone of the program. Instructor Gina McGuire could not be more pleased with her students, "I'm so honored to be a part of this program that allows me to not only give back to the profession of Nursing that I love so much, but to be a guiding force for students to realize their potential that leads them to a career in health care right out of high school."

Students choosing to pursue NA licensure must follow a more rigorous schedule than typically required of high school students. This includes coming in early and on weekends to complete sixty-five required "clinical hours". Unlike typical high school classes, the NA program must follow the strict guidelines of the NH Board of Nursing. Additionally, many of the clinical sites where students work require them to pass additional screenings before interacting with patients.

For these students, the benefits of becoming an LNA far outweigh the extra work required. LNAs typically start at hourly wage of $11-$12/hour, which is much above the typical minimum wage earned by recent high school graduates. Many program alumni will also use this certification to help pay their way through nursing school in pursuit of becoming a registered nurses or other health career professionals.
The Huot Center will acknowledge these and other talented students at their annual Awards Night on Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. in the LHS Auditorium.