Technology Training, Kindle Loans at Meredith Library

MEREDITH — So you're number five on the waiting list for your favorite author's latest book and don't think you can wait another minute. Why not try checking out the library's Kindle Fire? Tell us what book you want, we'll buy it instantly and download it onto the Kindle for you to read. Take our Kindle home and try it out for a week.

While you're using it, try watching one of the many movies or TV shows you can access for free using the library's Amazon Prime account. Play a game of Sudoku. Give the Kindle a good test drive in case you are considering purchasing one of your own.

Not sure how to use a Kindle Fire? Register for a class with Christopher. Chris offers thirty minute or one hour time slots for one-on-one technology assistance with laptops, PCs and tablets. Or, stop by Wednesdays between 6:30-7:30 p.m. for the Technology Drop-in Hour with Matthew. People with technology issues who need immediate assistance can stop in at that time without an appointment.

Already own a Kindle, tablet or other e-reader device? Don't forget that you can checkout and download ebooks and audio books from our website at at no cost.

We also have wi-fi. Come in this summer with your iced coffee and enjoy the air conditioning while surfing the web or answering your emails. Bring in your laptop and access our genealogy databases such as, AmericanAncestors and HeritageQuest.

Each month Christopher hosts a Computer Club where a technology topic is highlighted and then attendees are free to ask their own questions. It meets the second Tuesday of each month at 10 a.m.

If you don't have your own device, the library still offers eight public PCs. Time is limited to thirty minutes per user, but if no one is waiting, you may stay on as long as you like. Print copies for 20 cents per page. We also offer scanning services at no charge.