Examples of Artists’ Loft members’ drawings to be on display at Busiel Gallery during May

LACONIA — During the month of May, "The Artists' Loft: From Stick Figures to Portraits" presents recent life drawings of the human form made by several area artists. The public is invited to join the members of The Artists' Loft for an opening reception on Friday, May 2, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. in The Busiel Community Room and Gallery at One Mill Plaza (also known as Busiel Mill), located between the Historic Belknap Mill and Laconia City Hall.

Learning to draw anything, whether it is the human figure or a teacup, is really about learning to look and see. That sounds simple, but often most of us are led astray by what we think we know about a form or object. Our brain tells us that legs and arms are cylindrical, the head sits on top of the shoulders, and the hand consists of four separate fingers and a thumb. But, seen in perspective, legs and arms cease to be cylinders, the head actually projects from the front of the shoulders, and the hand is often viewed as a single, compact shape. Drawing from life forces artists to look again, to question every mark, and to unlearn what they think they know.

Such is the challenge and delight of local artists meeting weekly as The Artists' Loft.

Each Monday morning, this group of amateur, semi-professional and professional artists gathers at Woodside at The Taylor Community with a paid professional model, but no instructor, to hone individual skills and stretch artistic muscles in capturing the human form and committing it to paper. Each artist works at his or her own capacity while, in the process, learning from the others. Based on close observation, "objective" drawing is analytical and enquiring. This approach allows the artist to discover and describe the appearance of the subject, and to illustrate a three-dimensional subject on a two-
dimensional plane. It is the foundation of all traditional Western art.

More information about the Artists' Loft is available by calling Gisela Langsten at 603-293-2702.

The Busiel Community Room and Gallery is located on the bottom floor of the Busiel Mill and is open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and at other times by appointment. Free parking is available at the municipal parking lot adjacent to City Hall as well as in the parking garage. For further information, contact Joe Adrignola at 496-3839.